If I were a Sim… A different kind of Introduction


I did a massive clearout of my room the other day and I came across a whole bunch of Sims games. I had them all… Makin’ Magic, Pets, Late Night, Superstar. I thought they were the bees knees and then I got to thinking how many times I’d made myself as a sim. Many. But I wouldn’t really make me, I’d make a better version of me, I’d be a bit prettier and friendlier and more intelligent. And that made me think that if I could honestly be summed up by five sim traits which ones would they be…


A relatively comprehensive list of sim traits can be found over here. Now there are some that I would immediately discount such as Angler, Equestrian, Evil, Genius, Handy, Neurotic and Vegetarian because I’m certainly none of those things. But beyond that it gets a little more tricky. I would say that the ones that most apply to me would be:

Absent minded, Ambitious, Charismatic, Childish, Clumsy, Dramatic, Excitable, Family Oriented, Friendly, Grumpy, Heavy Sleeper, Hopeless Romantic, Night Owl, Nuturing, Over-Emotional, Workaholic

Of those the five I’d say are most accurate would be:

  1. Ambitious: I always set numerous, high targets for myself and I always strive to do a be better.
  2. Dramatic: I do like to make a bit of a scene and I’m not afraid of attention coming my way.
  3. Heavy Sleeper: I’ve slept through storms and even an earthquake before now.
  4. Hopeless Romantic: I can’t help it, I love all that stupid cutesey lovey dovey disney stuff.
  5. Nurturing: I’m a bit mumsie, I just like taking care of people.

Now what I think is equally interesting, are the five traits I’d pick for myself, if I could have any. Well the long list would be as follows: Adventurous, Ambitious, Artistic, Bookworm, Charismatic, Computer Whiz, Excitable, Family Orientated, Friendly, Genius, Good Sense of Humour, Great Kisser, Irresistible, Lucky, Natural Born Performer, Natural Cook, Neat, Nurturing, Perceptive, Schmoozer, Social Butterfly, Star Quality, Virtuoso.

I think what I’ve mostly established is that I want to be ALL THE THINGS. It’s encouraging that at least six of my actual list cross over here, so I don’t officially hate my personality. Hoorah! I guess everyone strives to be something more than they are and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as long as we embrace who we are to begin with and aim to build on that. But which would I most like to be if I were starting afresh?

  1. Ambitious: Got this one down, though there’s always room for more ambition.
  2. Charismatic: I’d love to be the sort of person that makes a lasting impression.
  3. Genius: Who doesn’t want to be a genius?
  4. Social Butterfly: I’m much better social that when I was younger but it still doesn’t come naturally to me.
  5. Virtuoso: I struggled between this and artistic, but music has always been a closer passion of mine.

So what does that mean exactly? I’d like to be more musical and better with people I suppose. I think my ambition keeps me in the right place but there are things I can work on. I’ll never be a certified genius, but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t read more or visit more places or stop trying. I hope that’s what 2014 will be about, getting better at things I didn’t even know I wanted to be better at. That’s what seems to happen anyway.


Psychology Today: Who Am I || About Me || Sims Wiki

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3 thoughts on “If I were a Sim… A different kind of Introduction

  1. This made me want to go play the sims really bad. But yeah if there is something you want to change about yourself just do it. You don’t need to make a huge change all in one go. Just make little changes.

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