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365 Picture Challenge : January

january 2014

This is where I’ll be posting my daily pictures for my 365 Picture Challenge.

001-JANUARY 1ST: New Year’s Day with the Family

scarlet forrest

002-JANUARY 2ND: Cheeky Treat before back to the gym on Monday


003-JANUARY 3RD: Making lists and procrastinating

making lists

004-JANUARY 4TH: Try saying no to those big brown eyes

adorable scottie dog

005-JANUARY 5TH: Putting away the Christmas decorations

disney christmas decorations

006-JANUARY 6TH: Came home to lots of police outside the house… Cheeky behind the curtains snap

007-JANUARY 7TH: Back to Leicester, took Mum to her first ever Indian restaurant

poppadoms leicester

008-JANUARY 8TH: First day back in the gym

black and pink nike trainers

009-JANUARY 9TH: Cheeky Half Price Nandos (to SHARE, let me just reiterate) omnomnom


010-JANUARY 10TH: 7000 words to write in 70 hours, I love deadlines!

essay stress planning

011-JANUARY 11TH: Essay writing is already killing me


012-JANUARY 12TH: I always seem to end up reminiscing over all photos when I’m avoiding doing work


013-JANUARY 13TH: Avoiding work and realising I have too many necklaces I don’t wear (this is just over half)


014-JANUARY 14TH: Used a hair doughnut for the first time today

black and white bun

015-JANUARY 15TH : Just relaxing with my yummy vanilla candle

vanilla candle

016-JANUARY 16TH: First Ed’s Diner Experience

eds diner leicester

017-JANUARY 17TH: First Night out of the New Year


018-JANUARY 18TH: Cheeky cocktails into the early hours

revs leicester cocktails

019-JANUARY 19TH : My mates Ben and Jerry make everything better

phish food

020-JANUARY 20TH: Lunch with the parentals

toby carvery leicester

021-JANUARY 21ST: All the shopping!

starbucks lunch

022-JANUARY 22ND: Red Leicester pre drinks selfie


023-JANUARY 23RD: Red Leicester!

024-JANUARY 24TH: Because if you can’t take a cheeky selfie before a night out then when can you?

scarlet forrest

025-JANUARY 25TH: Such a brilliant night

scarlet forrest

026-JANUARY 26TH: Richard rehearsal

lutheatre richard III

027-JANUARY 27TH: Because taking pictures of people you don’t know getting with each other is the most sensible thing to do on nights out


028-JANUARY 28TH: In bed with my new boyfriend, Mr Evian

evian the saviour

029-JANUARY 29TH: Got a new book on the go

shock of the fall

030-JANUARY 30TH: First attempt at a fishtail braid

fishtail braid

031-JANUARY 31ST: First rehearsal for Eden-that’s how we ‘roll’

lutheatre eden

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Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a really long time. 2014 is the year I start a blog, and start using twitter, that too. It’s not that I feel social media deficient, I make ample use of facebook and polyvore, I just wanted somewhere I could write down all my nonsense. Like most people I suppose… Something to look back at and remember what I’ve been up to.

The best place to start seems to be as I mean to go on. To 2014…

  • Look and feel healthier
    • Christmas is a time for quality street and shortbread and far too many potatoes. If I’m honest I feel heavy and greasy and I really need a change.
  • Graduate from University with a 2:1
    • With a little luck and hard work there’s still a chance that this could be a first, but a 2:1 is a realistic goal and I’d be more than happy with it.
  • Get a grown up job!
    • Whether it be a great success at my civil service assessment centre that I have lined up, or something else entirely, it’s time to grow up at last.
  • Go on holiday
    • I haven’t been for a few years now. The last place I went to was New York which was amazing, but I’d really like to go on a sunshine retreat before I have to take my place in the real world as a working adult.

(Because everyone needs them!)

  • Prepare for a charity run in 2015
  • Get a first in my dissertation
  • Donate blood
  • Take a picture every day for the entire year
  • Do at least one Muses showcase
  • Give Yoga a Try
  • Take part in as any plays as possible
  • Take my Mumma to the Harry Potter Studios
  • Try a tea detox
  • Read more
  • Hoard less
  • Blog and tweet
  • Do more adventurous cooking

If I can manage all of these things in the new year I’ll be a very happy girl.

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