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Dude, It’s my Birthday! April 2014 Favourites & Review

april 2014

Since it’s my birthday, huzzah! I thought I’d queue up today’s post since (hopefully) I’m out doing something fun and exciting… So here is my April review and some of my favourite things I’ve experienced this month.

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March 2014 in Review

march 2014

I want to share with you my March favourites and my experiences of the month. I’m going to be honest, this month started a little bit rough… but things have definitely been looking up from about midway through. I met the boyfriend’s parents for the first time on his birthday, which was a wonderful day and I performed in two separate productions which I’m really proud of. In all it’s been a month to remember.


cupcakeskitty cat cake


This has been one of my absolute favourite things to do this month. I’ve made a batch of cupcakes for my friend Emily’s Birthday, a cat cake for my boyfriend and a coffee cake for my mummy for mothers day. It’s just something that I’ve really gotten into recently and it’s a nice way to use my spare time instead of just watching youtube or various television programmes!

asda fizzy water


I haven’t been able to get enough of this stuff this month. Usually I drink a lot of Evian and I’ll occasionally have some fresh orange juice in the morning, but I’d been getting a bit bored so when I popped into ASDA’s I bought myself some of these flavoured fizzy waters. (They’re a bargain at 4 for £1.50). And they’re so yummy! My favourite is the peach flavour but to be quite honest I really enjoyed them all. A welcome treat!

lutheatre richard IIIlutheatre eden


I’ve been in two plays this month and I’m super proud of them both. In fact we still have three more performances of Richard III to do on April 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Leicester Cathedral and I’m still very excited about it all! I’m playing the Duchess of York, Richard’s Mother and it’s a really brilliant production that we’re all so proud of. It’s a sad time, but I’m really glad that it’ll be my last production of the term.

scarlet forrestscarlet forrest


This is going to sound really stupid, but for me March has been about finding myself all over again. After a rubbish February it took me some time to feel good about how things were progressing in my life and I became considerably withdrawn and out of sorts. I hope I’ve moved passed that now and I really feel as though I have. In truth it’s all thanks to Ashley. He told me to make a list of all the things I was grateful for and at first I shrugged it off like it was a stupid idea but when I reached a place when I thought things couldn’t get any worse I did it and I remember how amazing my life really is. I’d like to hold on to that feeling for as long as I possibly can and I’m really pleased with how the latter half of this month has helped me do that.

Looking forward to April now.



My March Flipagram || My Goals Post || 365 Picture Challenge

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February 2014 in Review

february 2014

A wee bit late with my update this month, but things have been super duper busy. Not to mention, February was a pretty terrible month for me overall. It was last year as well, I hope I’m not starting a tradition for myself, that’s certainly not something I’d like to keep up to be frank. Well, here’s how I did this month.


Looking through my February 365 it seems that the month started out really well, I was doing all the reading for my seminars, enjoying rehearsals and eating well. It’s a shame  that didn’t last very long! I had a couple of lovely nights out with theatre and work, though I’m definitely missing going out with my uni friends. The weather seems to have taken a turn for the better, which I am always loathed to complain about. I had a lovely Valentine’s Day and a really nice trip up to London. That’s when the problems started…

I completely messed up my Civil Service Assessment Centre. Now I’ve typed up half a blog post about this, but I want to post it when I’ve got my feedback from them. I can say with over 99% certainty that I haven’t progressed in the application process, but it was a really useful day and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to go. I just wasn’t at my best and some of the other candidates were far stronger than I. Following that I broke my phone, cut my knee open,managed to delete all my texts (which upset me because I’m one of those strange people who likes to look back on them and reminisce) and  burnt my hand. There were lots of other little upsets that happened in February and while none of them were lifechanging, they all added up to make sure I had a pretty bad month overall.

On to the goal progress, needless to say this goes along with the theme of having an awful month…

1) I am no healthier this month, I would go so far as to say I have been less healthy this month than in January
2) I’ve been doing well keeping up with uni work so I think I’m still on track with my degree
3) I am no closer to securing a grown up job,possibly further still since failing my assessment centre
4) I am still yet to book or organise a holiday

This month I’ve been loving Frozen and my new Origins products. I’ve been baking a little, which is nice and my dinners are becoming slightly (emphasis on the slightly) more adventurous than usual. All my other progress with goals is slow, it remains that there simply aren’t enough hours in my day. I’m hoping my March update will be considerably more positive than this, although I know for a fact it begins with a terrible dress rehearsal, a dreadful essay and a hideous head cold. There’s only up from here…


My February Flipagram || My Goals Post || 365 Picture Challenge

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January 2014 in Review

january 2014

January has been an absolutely hectic month. Now I feel like I really ought to have known this because, when is my life not hectic? But somehow I had it in my head I’d be able to do everything at once. Needless to say I was wrong.


Looking through my January 365 it would appear that a lot of my month consisted of eating. I definitely had far too many takeaways and meals out this month and I absolutely did not gym enough. But all that has got to change. I hope. February is a new month, and yes I may have been talked into having  a Nandos yesterday, that does not mean things can’t begin looking up from here.

In short, I did a couple of essays, went on a handful of great nights out, rehearsed for two plays and spent a lot of moneys (shopping post to follow shortly!).

For the most part I just want to reflect on my goal progress…

1) I neither look nor feel healthier than I did at the start of the month: Failed Attempt
2) I am still on track to graduate with a 2:1, though more effort is required in this coming month: Average Progress
3) I am no closer to securing a grown up job: Poor Progress
4) A holiday remains on the cards though there has been no development on this: No Progress

As for everything else, I’m still on track with my 365 picture challenge, though it’s much more difficult that I imagined and I am currently taking part in two plays and a comedy festival performance, so I would say that I’m doing well on the as many plays as possible goal. I also bought some detox tea… which was horrific! HORRIFIC. But I remain determined to force myself to do a tea detox at some point this year. Other than that progress is slow and I have neither blogged nor tweeted as much as I would have liked. I nevertheless remain motivated for the coming month.

I’m hoping that bringing everything together like this is going to put things into perspective and give me a proverbial kick up the bottom to achieve all the things I hope to and stay away from Flappy Bird!!


My January Flipagram || My Goals Post || 365 Picture Challenge

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Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about doing this for a really long time. 2014 is the year I start a blog, and start using twitter, that too. It’s not that I feel social media deficient, I make ample use of facebook and polyvore, I just wanted somewhere I could write down all my nonsense. Like most people I suppose… Something to look back at and remember what I’ve been up to.

The best place to start seems to be as I mean to go on. To 2014…

  • Look and feel healthier
    • Christmas is a time for quality street and shortbread and far too many potatoes. If I’m honest I feel heavy and greasy and I really need a change.
  • Graduate from University with a 2:1
    • With a little luck and hard work there’s still a chance that this could be a first, but a 2:1 is a realistic goal and I’d be more than happy with it.
  • Get a grown up job!
    • Whether it be a great success at my civil service assessment centre that I have lined up, or something else entirely, it’s time to grow up at last.
  • Go on holiday
    • I haven’t been for a few years now. The last place I went to was New York which was amazing, but I’d really like to go on a sunshine retreat before I have to take my place in the real world as a working adult.

(Because everyone needs them!)

  • Prepare for a charity run in 2015
  • Get a first in my dissertation
  • Donate blood
  • Take a picture every day for the entire year
  • Do at least one Muses showcase
  • Give Yoga a Try
  • Take part in as any plays as possible
  • Take my Mumma to the Harry Potter Studios
  • Try a tea detox
  • Read more
  • Hoard less
  • Blog and tweet
  • Do more adventurous cooking

If I can manage all of these things in the new year I’ll be a very happy girl.

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