Dude, It’s my Birthday! April 2014 Favourites & Review

april 2014

Since it’s my birthday, huzzah! I thought I’d queue up today’s post since (hopefully) I’m out doing something fun and exciting… So here is my April review and some of my favourite things I’ve experienced this month.


rimmel gel eyelinermac fleur power blush


This month has been one of rediscovery for my make up routine! These are all products I already owned but remembered how much I adored. The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in 001 Black is an absolutely must have at under £10! It glides on easily for a photo ready finish and even comes provided with a wonderfully sized applicator in the lid. I love this product and I’ll definitely be using it more in the upcoming months. Secondly my Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara in Noir Max is another great April find. Getting completely wrapped up in my Maybelline the Falsies (which I absolutely adore), I had completely neglected all my other mascaras until about a week ago. This was as welcome change. It adds amazing volume to my lashes and is another steal under £10, it opens my eyes and gives a fuller finish. So happy I found this again! Last but not least is my Mac Powder Blush in Fleur Power. I’m using it in one of next month’s tutorials so stay tuned and I absolutely cannot get enough of it. It is the perfect shade for summer and it makes my cheeks look super glowy and healthy! It’s so wonderfully pigmented that a little bit goes and long, long way. One of my spring favourites for sure!

breaking badthe shock of the fall


I know, I know, I am super behind on the Breaking Bad hype but me and Ashley only watched the final episode this month. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how amazing this TV Show is… Although I begun to feel a little depressed at times and my attention wavered somewhere around season 3, I was completely won over by the end. A great show with a brilliant cast that ended perfectly. But now it’s over, what do I watch?! My favourite book I’ve read this month has been The Shock of the Fall, now I’m not terribly skilled at reviewing books so I don’t tend to. I bought this way back in January but had so many things going on that it got neglected but I’m so glad I got around to reading it. It’s wonderfully written, believable and interesting until the very end. Definitely recommend this book to any and all!

heroes of might and magic vheroes of might and magic v


Eek! Now this is a super unusual category for me to have in my favourites but it was absolutely necessary this month. Let me just make this perfectly clear… I am not a gamer, I suck at games… All of them! I wish I was good at them, I really do, but I’m not. I have no coordination, no patience and whenever I play something scary like a first person shooter I get too afraid and have to stop playing… Yes it’s pathetic, I’m aware. But this month I’ve been playing a game I purchased a while back now Heroes of Might and Magic VNow I’m not one for this sort of game, some of my favourites include Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup and Shrek 2… but for some reason I can’t stop playing this as a means to get away from doing my uni work! Wikipedia describes it as a “fantasy turn based strategy” game and I’m not really sure what else to say. It’s super fun and there are lots of different heroes and abilities you can play with and creatures you can battle with. I think the turn based element makes it easier to handle (for me anyway) and the fact that I can play it on an easy level (it has easy, medium, hard and heroic) makes it much more friendly! I love this game, more than I care to admit. But there we go, no shame and all that jazz!

scarlet forrestscarlet forrest


This month has been great for going out and doing stuff which I’m really happy about. With all the plays I had going on through the start of the year the rest of my life really suffered and I’m glad it’s getting back on track. I’ve been to the zoo, to the Harry Potter studios, to the cinema. Ashley finally came home and met my parents, I’ve done a ton of baking and written a whole load of blog posts. I’ve got to spend a load of time with my family and Ashley which means that all my relationships are getting stronger and I’ve just had a really good, solid month overall. Very happy!

Now time for May, my birthday and end of uni!



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3 thoughts on “Dude, It’s my Birthday! April 2014 Favourites & Review

  1. Nice post! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀

  2. […] After that I primed my eyelids with Revlon PhotoReady Eye Primer + Brightener. Other than the clicky pen element of this primer I really like it. It brightens and provides a really good, creaseproof base for all my eyeshadow needs. The eyeshadow in this look is a combination between MAC Eye Shadow in Woodwinked and MAC Eye Shadow in Mulch. Then it was time for the eyeliner. I opted for the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Sabbath which is a really gorgeous deep blue. I love the Urban Decay liners, they’re so easy to use and they last all day long. I finished off the eyes with my Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara which was featured in my April favourites. […]

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