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BBC’s The Musketeers Season One Review

the musketeers

The Musketeers Season One concluded on Mother’s Day here in the UK but doesn’t premiere on BBC America until June 22nd. I went home for the weekend over mother’s day and ended up watching all ten episodes during that time because my parents loved them so much and wanted me to watch the finale with them on the sunday night. We literally spent the whole weekend watching The Musketeers and chilling out, it was glorious. Any show that can hold my attention enough to be watched back to back is a keeper in my book!

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Day Trip to the Zoo and OOTD!

scarlet forrest

Last monday, Ashley and I took a trip to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo. It was such a beautiful day (if a little bit windy) and such a lovely experience. Although we were one of the few couples there who weren’t dragging small children along with them, I’d definitely recommend it for an amazing day out for all ages. I just thought I’d show you some pictures from our day, including a little OOTD.

You also might have spotted my “Zootime” necklace. This is a make your own words necklace I bought from Topshop a while back. When I saw it I absolutely had to have it and although it usually says Ohana, I thought this would be a welcome change for the day.

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Divergent (The Movie) Review

divergent movie review

I took a trip to the cinema (for the first time in absolutely ages) to watch Divergent. I didn’t really know what to expect, all I’d heard was that the books were really good–akin to the Hunger Games, a triology I absolutely adore. SPOLIERS AHEAD.

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Happy Easter! Spring, floral vintage style nails!

floral nails

Happy Easter Sunday all! Whether you celebrate over Easter time or not, this super easy nail design is perfect for springtime and can be done with whatever colours suit you!

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A spot of Easter baking: Gingerbread Iced Easter Cookies!

easter cookies

Hello all! It’s good friday, so I’ve done a spot of Easter baking ready for our Sunday family get together. Here are my results. These are perfect nibbles for any spring do so I hope you like them!

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Coordinates and Separates finds for Spring!


I absolutely adore coords and it has been my mission to purchase myself some for so long now but I’ve never found ones that are absolutely perfect for me. So I thought I’d go on a little online hunt and show you what I came up with…

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FOTD Inspired by Tanya Burr’s Nicole x Missguided Tutorial

scarlet forrest

I watched Tanya’s tutorial, which I will link below and I absolutely loved the look she created. I decided that I’d so something similar but working with the make up items I already had. So I’d call this my recreation on a budget.

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365 Picture Challenge : April

april 2014

This is where I’ll be posting my daily pictures for my 365 Picture Challenge.

091-APRIL 1ST: Ninja bread man made by the lovely Rory

ninjabread man

092-APRIL 2ND: The fiasco that is my hair after every performance!

silver hair

093-APRIL 3RD: What I witnessed before I left for work this morning

snuggly friends

094-APRIL 4TH: Last night of Richard III!

halo braid

095-APRIL 5TH: My recreation of Tanya Burr’s Nicole for Missguided look


096- APRIL 6TH: Baking Supplies!


097-APRIL 7TH: Cornflake miniegg cakes for easter

cornflake cakes

098-APRIL 8TH: Spring nails!

floral nails

099-APRIL 9TH: Feels good to be back in the driving seat!

driving seat

100-APRIL 10TH: Picking up Mumma from work for a spot of shopping

chanel glasses

101-APRIL 11TH: Making cake and playing with my new toy!

breville mixer

102-APRIL 12TH: Nommy pudding I made!

victoria sponge

103-APRIL 13TH: Princess Bronagh giving the paw for a treat

cute scottie dog

104-APRIL 14TH: Zootime!


105-APRIL 15TH: Early Easter egg from the boy

thorntons easter egg

106-APRIL 16TH: Gorgeous sunny day!

scarlet forrest

107-APRIL 17TH: Reminiscing over 10 year old me, who had the BEST hair… o.O

108-APRIL 18TH: Easter Treats!

easter cookies

109-APRIL 19TH: Nice to be home with my favourite cat

superior cat

110-APRIL 20TH: Happy Easter!

easter baking

111-APRIL 21ST: Getting into Vinted!

zara heels

112-APRIL 22ND: Obsessed with my new watch!

world map watch

113-APRIL 23RD: Can’t get enough pasta bake

ragu pasta bake

114-APRIL 24TH: Essay Inspiration, Ugh!

dissertation blues

115-APRIL 25TH: Harry Potter Studio Tour!

harry potter tour

116-APRIL 26TH: My sight for the entire day

essay writing

117-APRIL 27TH: The Only thing getting me through this damn work!

hangover cure

118-APRIL 28TH: Square head, wonky nostrils

119-APRIL 29TH: Poser


120-APRIL 30TH: Just want to sleep all day!

sleeping girl

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