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LUSH Prince Charming and Ultrabland Review

lush review

I  recently tried the Prince Charming Shower Gel and the Ultrabland Facial Cleanse from LUSH and I thought I’d do a little review for you all.

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LUSH The Olive Branch and Rub Rub Rub Review

lush review

Another little LUSH review for you (I seem  to do these every once in a while but I really have been enjoying LUSH products). This time I tried The Olive Branch Shower Gel and the Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub.

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LUSH Mask of Magnaminty and Happy Hippy Review

lush review

Another little LUSH review for you. This time I tried the Mask of Magnaminty Face and Back Pack and the Happy Hippy Shower Gel.

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LUSH King of Skin & Stepping Stone Review

lush reviewlush review

I picked up a couple of bits from LUSH the other day and I thought I’d give you a little review on what I thought about them. From top to bottom on the images above are the King of Skin Body Butter and the Stepping Stone Foot Scrub.


KING OF SKIN has a a 4.7 average rating on the LUSH website and is “for skin that feels royally good”. I bought this on the recommendation of one of my favourite YouTubers and to be honest it was all that I expected. I’ve been using it at the end of my shower and then just rinsing it off before I get out. At first I wasn’t sure about the residue it left on my skin but after a few tries I really began to appreciate the softness and the moisture that it was putting back in. While the smell isn’t something I would necessarily choose, it is pleasant and I’m really glad that I picked this up. It makes a welcome change from my usual bath time routine.

STEPPING STONE has a 3.6 average rating on the LUSH website and is designed so that “your feet scrub up nice”. At first I have to admit that I thought I’d made a boo boo in buying this product. It was a complete impulse buy because it looks so adorable and it smells amazing. The website describes the product as “a foot-shaped scrub to pumice away dead skin” and so my thoughts immediately turn to a firm pumice stone. This product crumbles at the touch which is something I was not expecting, but upon further inspection this is not a bad thing. I’ve taken to breaking off a piece of the scrub and rubbing it onto my wet feet, rather than using it in its current form. Of course that makes it a little bit awkward to use and although the foot shape is novel, I think they’d be better off marketing this product in a different form (in a tub perhaps). It genuinely is a lovely product, it exfoliates gently and really leaves my feet smelling minty fresh. I wouldn’t buy it again in its current form, but I do like much of what it has to offer.

Can I also just note while I’m here that the LUSH website has had a revamp since I last visited it and it looked absolutely amazing. The products are easy to find with clear reviews  and videos showing them in use. I just think it looks so tidy and I’m really impressed! I’ve popped a couple of links below if you’re interested in taking in look!



King of Skin || My Fashion and Beauty Posts || Stepping Stone

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Origins Skincare Review

origins giftset
origins giftsetorigins megabright

So a little while ago I purchased a few bits from Origins and I thought I’d do a little write up about what I thought of them.


I originally went to the Origins counter to pick up the Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer £32 for 15ml pictured to the bottom right, because I’d heard wonderful things about it and I have the worst dark circles of anyone I know. I have to say that so far this product has not disappointed me at all. My dark circles appear visibly reduced and I feel more confident than I can ever remember leaving the house with no make up on. Before this, the idea was entirely laughable purely because of my under eye circles, but this product has given me so much confidence in my face. It’s my number one hero product!

While I was at the counter the sales assistant mentioned that she had some Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief gift sets left over from Christmas. She was selling them for £35, which was an absolute bargain, so being the impulse buyer that I am I really couldn’t say no. In my set I got the Soothing Treatment Lotion 50ml (worth £7.50), Soothing Face Cream 30ml (worth £29), Face Cleanser 50ml (worth £17.50) and the Advanced Face Serum 50ml (which they don’t appear to stock any longer but when I used to buy it I’m certain it was £58). Bearing that in mind I got £112 worth of product for £35, making a saving of £76. This is how I justified it to myself at least.

In any case I’m really happy with the products generally. As aforementioned I already use the Advanced Face Serum, it is my favourite skincare product and I’ve repurchased it more than once. I love the way it smells and glides onto my skin so nicely. It’s not as heavy as a moisturiser and I really like that about it. It does a great job at soothing and combating the redness I get in my skin and keeps it generally clear, soft and fresh. I’m always pleased to have a bottle of this on my bedside table.

It is probably for this reason that I haven’t got around to trying the Soothing Face Cream. I don’t usually like to use a serum and a moisturiser on my face because my skin just doesn’t need it. I’ll definitely give it a go when I’m all out of serum, particularly because I’m not entirely sure if the product they’re replacing it with is identical or if they’ve changed it in some way, I really need to look into it.

The Soothing Treatment Lotion does what it says on the tin, reducing redness and keeping my skin calm and clear of breakouts. That being said it’s not exactly what I look for in a toner and though I’ve been using it, I’ve been finding myself going back to my trusty Elemis Balancing Lavender Toner just because it’s an old favourite. Unfortunately I too often become a creature of habit when I find a product I really like.

Finally there’s the Face Cleanser, now this has been the most underwhelming of all the products though it is by no means a bad product. I think I have too many cleansers I am so fond of, and as I said before can be a little too adverse to change. It smells lovely like the rest of the range and it deals with the sensitivity of my skin really well, I’m just not entirely sold on the way it makes me skin feel when I’ve taken it off. It’s a little tighter than some of the cleansers I’m used to and while it does the job I don’t think it’s something I’d buy again.

Needless to say I remain to be a huge Origins fan and there are still so many products of theirs I want to try. The dark circle minimiser has made me even more loyal to brand and I’m very tempted to try one of their face masks next, I’d be interested to hear any reviews.


Origins Website || My Fashion and Beauty Posts || Skin Tips

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