LUSH King of Skin & Stepping Stone Review

lush reviewlush review

I picked up a couple of bits from LUSH the other day and I thought I’d give you a little review on what I thought about them. From top to bottom on the images above are the King of Skin Body Butter and the Stepping Stone Foot Scrub.


KING OF SKIN has a a 4.7 average rating on the LUSH website and is “for skin that feels royally good”. I bought this on the recommendation of one of my favourite YouTubers and to be honest it was all that I expected. I’ve been using it at the end of my shower and then just rinsing it off before I get out. At first I wasn’t sure about the residue it left on my skin but after a few tries I really began to appreciate the softness and the moisture that it was putting back in. While the smell isn’t something I would necessarily choose, it is pleasant and I’m really glad that I picked this up. It makes a welcome change from my usual bath time routine.

STEPPING STONE has a 3.6 average rating on the LUSH website and is designed so that “your feet scrub up nice”. At first I have to admit that I thought I’d made a boo boo in buying this product. It was a complete impulse buy because it looks so adorable and it smells amazing. The website describes the product as “a foot-shaped scrub to pumice away dead skin” and so my thoughts immediately turn to a firm pumice stone. This product crumbles at the touch which is something I was not expecting, but upon further inspection this is not a bad thing. I’ve taken to breaking off a piece of the scrub and rubbing it onto my wet feet, rather than using it in its current form. Of course that makes it a little bit awkward to use and although the foot shape is novel, I think they’d be better off marketing this product in a different form (in a tub perhaps). It genuinely is a lovely product, it exfoliates gently and really leaves my feet smelling minty fresh. I wouldn’t buy it again in its current form, but I do like much of what it has to offer.

Can I also just note while I’m here that the LUSH website has had a revamp since I last visited it and it looked absolutely amazing. The products are easy to find with clear reviews  and videos showing them in use. I just think it looks so tidy and I’m really impressed! I’ve popped a couple of links below if you’re interested in taking in look!



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