The Incredibles: A Costume in Thirty Minutes

incredibles costume

I’m off to a Disney themed birthday party and I’m borrowing my friend’s Belle costume so I’m sorted. Only when I go to collect the costume from her house, two hours before the party, she declares that she’s so sorry and she left it at her home away from uni. Next step, try not to panic. Go home and and search every inch of the internet for an idea. Type all sorts of things into google… easy disney costumes, quick disney costumes, disney costumes from household items… Nothing seems to come up, and that’s when you have an idea. (I also love that you get a full view of my old lady trolley in the image above, oh and ignore the dirty mirror!)


incredibles make upincredibles

Fishing out an old black vest top and old orange/yellow tank top out of the back of my cupboard, I set to work! I get the symbol off of a simple google image search and print it off my computer…

incredibles logo

I then cut out the yellow/orange parts and the black parts separately and trace around them onto my fabric. I sew the orange section on top of the black section and then sew the entire thing onto a red blouse that I have. The best part is, I have to sew it on as I’m wearing the shirt because otherwise it won’t go over my head. Joy!

I pair the shirt with red tights (I have no idea why I have these), black heels and a black skirt (I unfortunately don’t have black shorts) but in all I think it comes off alright.

In all honesty, I know this is a complete shambles but I’m really quite proud of what I achieved in literally half an hour. The make up took a further ten to fifteen minutes but that was only because I really had no idea what I was doing with it when I started…

I used Barry M dazzle dust in Charcoal to create the mask with the No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Berry on my lips. I really wish I had taken more pictures now, but at the time I was in such a rush and I had absolutely no intentions to blog about this whatsoever!

Hope you like it! xx

incredibles costumeincredibles make up


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