January 2014 in Review

january 2014

January has been an absolutely hectic month. Now I feel like I really ought to have known this because, when is my life not hectic? But somehow I had it in my head I’d be able to do everything at once. Needless to say I was wrong.


Looking through my January 365 it would appear that a lot of my month consisted of eating. I definitely had far too many takeaways and meals out this month and I absolutely did not gym enough. But all that has got to change. I hope. February is a new month, and yes I may have been talked into having  a Nandos yesterday, that does not mean things can’t begin looking up from here.

In short, I did a couple of essays, went on a handful of great nights out, rehearsed for two plays and spent a lot of moneys (shopping post to follow shortly!).

For the most part I just want to reflect on my goal progress…

1) I neither look nor feel healthier than I did at the start of the month: Failed Attempt
2) I am still on track to graduate with a 2:1, though more effort is required in this coming month: Average Progress
3) I am no closer to securing a grown up job: Poor Progress
4) A holiday remains on the cards though there has been no development on this: No Progress

As for everything else, I’m still on track with my 365 picture challenge, though it’s much more difficult that I imagined and I am currently taking part in two plays and a comedy festival performance, so I would say that I’m doing well on the as many plays as possible goal. I also bought some detox tea… which was horrific! HORRIFIC. But I remain determined to force myself to do a tea detox at some point this year. Other than that progress is slow and I have neither blogged nor tweeted as much as I would have liked. I nevertheless remain motivated for the coming month.

I’m hoping that bringing everything together like this is going to put things into perspective and give me a proverbial kick up the bottom to achieve all the things I hope to and stay away from Flappy Bird!!


My January Flipagram || My Goals Post || 365 Picture Challenge

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