365 Picture Challenge : February

february 2014

This is where I’ll be posting my daily pictures for my 365 Picture Challenge in February.

032-FEBRUARY 1ST: Breakfast at rehearsal

fruit salad

033-FEBRUARY 2ND: Georgina climbing the fridge to film her neck nominate challenge video

neck nominate

034-FEBRUARY 3RD: Richard III rehearsals going well

lutheatre richard III

035-FEBRUARY 4TH: From this seminar reading I learnt that “evidence is not evidence until it makes something evident”. Wise words.

seminar reading

036-FEBRUARY 5TH: My absolute favourite unhealthy meal!

scrambled eggs

037-FEBRUARY 6TH: Off shopping in my oversized hat!

leopard print hat

038-FEBRUARY 7TH: Trying out my new purchases

origins giftset

039-FEBRUARY 8TH: My gymspiration sign

gymspiration sign

040-FEBRUARY 9TH: Potential interview outfit? Too blue? Can’t decide!

blue zara suit

041-FEBRUARY 10TH: Rockin’ the rave glasses at work

rave glasses

042-FEBRUARY 11TH: Making valentines day cupcakes!

baking supplies

043-FEBRUARY 12TH: Dressed as Little Miss Chatterbox for the LUT bar crawl

little miss chatterbox costume

044-FEBRUARY 13TH: Posing with Luigi

little miss chatterbox costume

045-FEBRUARY 14TH: Happy Valentines Day!

valentinues day goodies

046-FEBRUARY 15TH: Last cupcake, nom!

heart shaped cupcakes

047-FEBRUARY 16TH: First day of sunshine in Leicester this year!

university of leicester

048-FEBRUARY 17TH: So this happened… Too many clothes!

clothing fail

049-FEBRUARY 18TH: Gorgeous sunset on my way home

leicester sunset

050-FEBRUARY 19TH: Ponytail day

scarlet forrest

051-FEBRUARY 20TH: Staying in London!

london hotel

052-FEBRUARY 21ST: Civil Service Assessment Centre

civil service assessment centre

053-FEBRUARY 22ND: Making the most of the facilities

tea and hot chocolate

054-FEBRUARY 23RD: First Library Panini Experience

library cafe panini leicester

055-FEBRUARY 24TH: Slug in the shower! Ick!

baby slug

056-FEBRUARY 25TH: Heading to the shops in my dinosaur onesie, no shame

dinosaur onesie

057-FEBRUARY 26TH: Burnt my finger on rice!

burnt finger

058-FEBRUARY 27TH: Broke my phone!

cracked iphone 5

059-FEBRUARY 28TH: Staff Night Out


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