Looking for the perfect Bikini!


In case you haven’t noticed, it is well and truly summer! I know lots of you will be planning your holidays and buying your essentials and what’s more essential to a wonderful summer holiday than a bikini? I just thought I’d share with your some of my favourite bikinis on the market at the moment…


topshop bikini

My first offering is from Topshop and comes in at £34. It’s this super cute Blue Floral Longline Bikini. I think the print is absolutely darling and I always think high waisted bikinis are super flattering!

george swimwear

Next I’ve got two I want to show you from George at Asda. The first is a Wonder Woman Bikini for £12, which come on, is an absolutely awesome concept. I think I’d have to feel super confident about my body to wear it but if you’ve got it then why not flaunt it? Such a cool piece. The second is this Lion Pride Bandeau Swimsuit for £12. Now, I know this technically isn’t a bikini but I spotted it and I had to include it in my search because it’s absolutely gorgeous. If I was going away anytime soon I’d pick this up in a heartbeat. It’s flattering but a stand out for sure!

boohoo bikini

The next three finds are from BooHoo, which has a whole bunch a really nice bikinis and swimsuits in loads of different styles and colours so I’d definitely check them out if you’re on the hunt too! First we’ve got the Belize Tassel Front and Side Triangle Bikini which I think is super cute and costs £14. I’ve always been a sucker for tassels and they also have this in white which is great if have a tan or have darker skin. Next up is the Rome Contrast Bow Bandeau Bikini for £18, this also comes in pink, is super simple but still really pretty and stylish. Finally we’ve got the Cairns Neon Star Print Ruffle Bikini for £16, which is the simplest of the three because not everyone wants to be the centre of a attention when they’ve got their bikini on.

bravissimo bikini

And finally for those ladies who need a little bit more support for their boobies, me and Bravissimo have got your back. First up is the strapless option, the Lucille Bikini by Cleo which is £31 for the top and £17 for the briefs. And the second and my personal favourite option is the Tropicana Bikini by Free which costs £36 for the top and £22 for bottoms. Now I’m aware that this are a little pricer than my other options, but if you’ve got larger boobs, you’ll know how important it is to keep them supported so that you can feel at your most confident and in my opinion Bravissimo is the very best place to help you with that.

I hope you enjoyed my bikini picks and I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration for your summer shop!



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One thought on “Looking for the perfect Bikini!

  1. […] bought one this summer because I haven’t been anywhere to wear one! However I did do a blog post about some bikinis I’m loving at the moment and those are the ones I’d buy if I needed […]

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