365 Picture Challenge : June

These are my pictures for June in my 365 photo challenge!

152-JUNE 1ST: Really enjoying this Primark Nail Polish

primark nail polish

153-JUNE 2ND: Night Out Selfie

scarlet forrest

154-JUNE 3RD: Me and another of my favourites in Republic


155-JUNE 4TH: So Sleepy!


156-JUNE 5TH: More nail polish adventures with Primark

primark nail polish

157-JUNE 6TH: Me and my two favourite girls!


158-JUNE 7TH: Nothing like a midnight selfie

scarlet forrest

159-JUNE 8TH: I’m hoping this was the worst day of my year


160-JUNE 9TH: Cheering up starts with eating all the unhealthy food in the house…

unhealthy dinner

161-JUNE 10TH: …And a good cup of tea

cream egg mug

162-JUNE 11TH: Still not permitted to judge my food choices

mash and beans

163-JUNE 12TH: Another something from Primark I’m loving

primark nail polish

164-JUNE 13TH: Better left unsaid

mash and peas

165-JUNE 14TH: I think I get bored with nail colours too quickly

george nail polish

166-JUNE 15TH: New book time!

looking for alaska

167-JUNE 16TH: Gorgeous new Rose candle burning

rose candle

168-JUNE 17TH: Snug with my favourite bear


169-JUNE 18TH: Penultimate Shabang


170-JUNE 19TH: Road Workers left us a little pathway

131 howard road

171-JUNE 20TH: Such a pretty moon at the uni

university of leicester

172-JUNE 21ST: Who needs a good reason for a selfie?


173-JUNE 22ND: Festiball!


174-JUNE 23RD: Late night selfie with my bestie


175-JUNE 24TH: The Oscars!

lutheatre oscars

176-JUNE 25TH: Last ever Red Leicester!


177-JUNE 26TH: Graduating with a first!

exam results

178-JUNE 27TH: Last Shabang!

shabang leicester

179-JUNE 28TH: One of my best friends made me this today

friendship bracelet

180-JUNE 29TH: Completely addicted to these

rubicon orange lolly

181-JUNE 30TH: Time to start the Divergent Trilogy

divergent trilogy

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