Summer Wishlist!

summer wishlist

I haven’t done a wishlist since my birthday back at the beginning of May, so I thought I’d give it a little update. Here are the things I’m lusting after this summer…


Pixi Glow Tonic £16: I hear so many amazing things about this and I’m really eager to try it! Anything that gets my skin looking a bit more alive in the morning is certainly more than welcome in my life. I’m worried it’ll be one of those products that doesn’t live up to the hype but I definitely reckon it’s worth the risk.

The Wet Brush £9.43: I’m relatively certain I have the most tangly hair in the world (bar maybe Rapunzel before the chop) and I’ve heard great things about this brush. I spend so much time with my tangle teezer (which I love) after every time I wash my hair and I’m just wondering if this might relieve some of the problem. I’d like to try it in any case.

Nike Lunar Eclipse 4 £110: Now I definitely don’t need a new pair of Nike’s, but I spotted these while I was having a little online browse and I absolutely love these. I love the colour combination and I think they’d be absolutely great for running.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Lip Stain £7.99: I’m not sure what colour(s) of these I’d like to try but I think they look great. I’m not going to lie, I was sucked in by the packaging, which I think is so cool, but then I was taken by the name. My lips are always terribly dry which means that most of my favourite lip colours are a no go most of the time and I think the idea of a “moisture stain” is great. I hope these live up to my expectation.

Zara Clutch Bag £19.99: I spotted this in store the other day and I’m still regretting not picking it up. At twenty pounds its a complete bargain. It’s such a sleek, easy to wear bag that’s a great size and I reckon it’ll be in my life before long.

Marc Jacobs Baker Rose Gold Watch £209: I have wanted a nice watch for such a long time and I think this is my favourite that I’ve spotted. It’s pricey but I reckon if you’re going to buy a piece of statement jewellery like a watch then quality trumps quantity every time.

Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder Candlelight £35: Yes, this is a lot of money for a powder but I’m giving in to the hype! All the reviews make me lust over this powder terribly and no, I don’t need it and no, I won’t buy it, but I do think it’s wonderful.

MoYou London Pro XL Plate Collection 07 £4.99: I’ve never used these stamping plates but I think they look completely amazing. If you don’t already know then they’re basically stamps that you can use to create personalised nail art and they are so beautiful! I reckon I’ll end up buy a couple different ones of these but this is the one I’ll try out first!

And that’s it for today, if you’ve tried any of these products please let me know what you think!



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5 thoughts on “Summer Wishlist!

  1. Great picks! I really want to try that pixi tonic as well, heard good things about it so hope it lives up to the hype! X

  2. […] that my last wishlist post was only back in July, but I have found plenty of things to lust over since then, so I just thought […]

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