Lacoste Touch of Pink versus Lacoste Love of Pink Perfume

lacoste perfume

I finished both of these perfumes recently and I was going to put them in an empties post but then I thought it would be much more interesting to do a little post comparing the two, so here goes.


LACOSTE TOUCH OF PINK is definitely my favourite of the two perfumes. It’s a great everyday smell that’s both girly and sporty without being heavy or overpowering. It’s described as a young scent and I would completely agree with that, it is definitely one of the more junior perfumes that I own. I’d say it has relatively good longevity but it never hurts to have a little top up halfway through the day. It smells very citrus but also kind of musky with some slight hints of vanilla. I’d say it was definitely a safe, non offensive perfume that anyone could wear and while it isn’t the most exciting it’s definitely a nice addition to the collection.

LACOSTE LOVE OF PINK  is definitely the less impressive perfume of the two although I still enjoyed wearing it, I went through an entire bottle didn’t I? I’d say that it’s a bit more floral and fresh but still a sporty fragrance. I smell the jasmine and the lemon most in this perfume and they do make a nice combination. A little less exciting than the other perfume it is again safe and lasts moderately well on my skin. It’s definitely still junior and suitable for everyday wear which is completely fine by me because I don’t like to leave the house without a little spritz no matter what time of day.

Hope you enjoyed my reviews, let me know if you’ve tried either of those and what you thought!


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6 thoughts on “Lacoste Touch of Pink versus Lacoste Love of Pink Perfume

  1. They both sound like they’re quite pretty, but also safe. I guess Lacoste would rather appeal to a large group of people (which means that the perfumes don’t have much personality), than to have uniqueness. Thanks for the reviews; they were very helpful! :o)

    • Thanks, I’m glad you found them useful. I completely agree about Lacoste appealing to a larger market and I understand why they would want to do so. I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with opting for a safer scent, but they just aren’t signature worthy. xx

  2. Hi I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Please check my post out on my blog to learn the rules

    Thank you.


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