Shout out to… River Island Jackets!

river island jackets

After a very long dry spell between River Island and my debit card, I’m pleased to announce that the relationship is back on. I am so incredibly impressed with tons of the Autumn/Winter pieces that RI are introducing at the moment and their coats and jackets are absolutely no exception to this. In fact, there are so many of them I’m loving that I had to share them with you!


These are just my top five picks of River Island jackets and coats at the moment so in no particular order:

river island coat This is the Black Tweed Leather-Look Panel Oversized Coat and it is available for £80.00. This is the kind of coat you could wear all winter long and pair it with whatever outfit you wanted. It’d be great for people who shy away from colour, but also for those people who already have a colourful wardrobe and wouldn’t want to overpower their winter outfit with a bold coloured coat. I think this coat would look great on someone quite tall and slim but may look a little boxy on someone with a larger frame.
This  Camel Colour Block Waterfall Jacket is a little cheaper at £70.00. I’m really liking this waterfall style of coat at the moment, they’re great for women with bigger frames who want to show off their curves. The two tonal aspect of this coat makes it that little bit more interesting but the neutral colour palette means that it will still be incredibly easy to wear. I think this would make a lovely autumn/winter staple and is perfect for the upcoming season. river island jacket
river island jacket My third pick, the Dark Brown Faux Fur Lined Waterfall Jacket is the most expensive of the bunch at £85.00. This jacket reminds me so much of a shorter one they brought out two years ago that sold out incredibly quickly. I bought the original jacket but ended up taking it back because I wanted something longer. I really like this re-imagined version for that very reason. I think this coat looks super snug, a perfect piece to see you through those cold winter months.
Next up is the Cream Wool-Blend Check Oversized Coat for £80.00. I am stupidly in love with the wide check prints that seem to be everywhere at the moment. I know a lot of us are guilty of buying too many dark colours for winter and that’s why I just love the light colour of the coat. I think it would be an excellent compliment to a dark autumnal wardrobe and would again be so easy to pair. river island coat
river island jacket Last but definitely not least is the Lime Mixed Print Oversized Jacket, this is the cheapest of the bunch at just £45.00, though it is definitely more of a soft blazer than a coat and therefore you would expect the drop in price. If you follow me on twitter you might know that I tried this on a while back and didn’t end up buying it. I’m still deciding at this point if I should. Let me just clarify, I ADORE this jacket. It’s vibrant and interesting and unique and I love the way it looked when I tried it on… But I’m not sure how long I will adore it for and when the time will come when I look back and think what on earth did I like that for? You know? What do you think? I might take the plunge soon.

river island jacket

Hope you enjoyed my shout out post, let me know which autumn/winter pieces you’re loving at the moment!



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16 thoughts on “Shout out to… River Island Jackets!

  1. I’ve been looking for a good winter coat, your second and third choices are definitely my favorites! Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. AC says:

    What did I say, I told you to go back and buy it who cares what you think six months from now, seize the moment chicken, you look fabuloso in it.xxxxxxx

  3. Sandra says:

    I absolutely love the look of the Cream Wool-Blend Check Oversized Coat. Not sure if it would actually suit me though!

  4. OMG, get that last one. Trust me! It looks AMAZING and is full of personality.

  5. chistanote says:

    first and second one are very chick and seem good quality, but the others looks a little bit bulky.
    hope you come and visit my blog

  6. Louise Francesca says:

    I love the current RI jackets as well! I have the same one as you but also have my eye on the white checked one. would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? 🙂


  7. mikéla davelyn says:

    I love the black and tan coat!!

  8. AC says:

    Ha I knew you would get the coat in the end – kisses

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