Mid Month Favourites: September 2014

september favourites

Time for another mid-month favourites post, September edition. Also if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you might have noticed that I hit 500 followers on Bloglovin’ today so I am one very happy bunny. Thanks to everyone who follows, likes and comments, you all make me very happy indeed.




real techniques stippling brushciate snow virginmatthew williamson

Real Techniques Stippling Brush: I didn’t understand the benefits of putting on my foundation with a stippling brush until I purchased one. This brush is a dream and I don’t know what on earth I was doing with out it. It creates such an easy, perfect finish with a good medium level of coverage. I love the ease of this brush and the natural finish I get with it. A new favourite for sure.

Ciate Nail Polish in Snow VirginNow I don’t exactly wear this polish on its own but I have found it so useful for creating a variety of nail looks this month (another one in a blog post for you guys very soon). More importantly, the formula is an excellent quality. It stays on my nails chip free for a good four days without a top coat and that is incredibly impressive to me. A perfect, versatile and durable white nail polish.

Matthew Williamson Eau de ParfumI have been wearing this perfume most days and I’m almost out of it! It’s super old and I’m relatively sure it’s been discontinued, but that doesn’t make me love this scent any less. I’ll just be really upset when runs out for good. I’d definitely call this a signature scent and you can really smell the cinnamon and jasmine running through it, which I have to say is odd for me because I’m usually not a lover of cinnamon at all. But this one is not terribly overpowering and I just get so many compliments when I wear it. Definitely a favourite!

mac woodwinkedLUSH rub rub rubsally hansen double duty

MAC Eyeshadow in WoodwinkedMy best friend got me this eyeshadow for my last birthday and she made a great choice. I’ve really been reaching for this a lot recently. Like all MAC eyeshadows it’s lovely and creamy, very blendable and highly pigmented. I’d say it’s a light bronze colour with a hint of gold and I like to wear it on its own or with a highlight shade in the corner of the eye. It will probably continue to be one of my favourites across the next couple of months because its such a great autumnal shade.

LUSH Rub Rub RubI wrote a lengthy review about this on my blog a while ago so click over here to read that, but it seemed stupid not to include this in my favourites post because it really has been a shining star in my beauty routine. This scrub gets keeps my legs smooth and soft and ready for shaving. I love the smell and the properties of this product. All time must have!

Sally Hansen Double Duty Base & Top CoatThis has just been a stand out for me because I’ve never really thought about which Top Coat I bought until recently. I always use a base and top coat, but I would usually pick up whatever was in front of me or what was on offer at Boots. I now know what  a difference a brilliant top coat can do for the shine and the staying power of my nails. So impressed with this!


yankee candle margarita timefeminine heat padsrobinson grape fruit

Yankee Candle in Margarita TimeI bought the large version of this candle on impulse quite a while ago because there was a sale on, and I am so very glad I did. The website suggests 110-150 hours of burning time which I could definitely envisage because I have used this so much and I still have most of it left. Now I’ve never had a Margarita so I can’t tell you with much certainty whether this candle smells like one. What I can tell you is that it has an amazing fresh lime scent that fills the room and just lightens it up. When I burned this in our uni house my best friend used to say she liked it because it made the house smell good and it really does. I adore this candle and I have been burning it more and more this month in particular. It’s also in the last chance section of the website at the moment meaning that it’s on sale but they’re probably discontinuing it. Just my luck. The only thing I don’t really like about it is that it’s green and it really doesn’t go in my very pink room. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could pick whatever scent you wanted and then choose the colour of that candle? That would make me so happy. Most pink/white candles are too sickly sweet for my taste and I’m so fussy with scents. My favourites always seem to be green, red or orange coloured. Typical.

Feminine Heat PadsI’m not going to shy away from the topic. When it’s that time of the month, I get me some killer stomach cramps. It’s normal but it isn’t pleasant. This month I’ve been loving these Feminine Heat Pads that you just peel away from the packaging and pop on your tummy (well on a layer of clothing above your tummy because you can’t put them directly onto your skin). They get hot really quickly and sooth the pain that you don’t think is ever going to leave. I also think these are great for those times when you’re experiencing pain but you still have to get on with your day. You can pop one on a vest top, wear a slouchy top or jumper over it and no one need ever know. They are small and very discreet, such a life saver for me this month! Also super cheapy at 99p for two, can’t complain!

Robinson’s Grapefruit Summer Fruits Juice: Yes I am aware that it has a picture of children on the front and no, I don’t care. I have been drinking so, so, so much of this juice recently and I know it’s not healthy and I don’t want to look at the sugar content, but it just tastes so good. The way I argue it is that I’d have a lot more guilt if I was a coffee drinker, so a bit of juice isn’t going to kill me. I like it quite weak so you can just about taste it in the water and it’s just so light and refreshing. It definitely ensures that I drink more water than I would do otherwise! Yum!



suitscenturies fob

sam smith i'm not the only onedance moms

There are two main TV Programmes that I have been loving. The first of these is Dance Moms, which I can’t stop watching and spoke about at length in my Reality TV I’m Loving Post a little while back. The second is Suits! I was late to the party on this particular programme but I caught up just in time for the season 4 finale and my goodness was it a good one. I think I love Suits almost as much as I love The West Wing (all time favourite programme) though I almost wish there were more characters to follow. Needless to say I am a huge lover of Louis and I absolutely cannot wait to see what happens next season. You Just Got Litt Up!

My music favourite is one particular song that I have played on repeat far, far, far too many times over the last couple of weeks. It’s I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith. I love his voice, I love the melody and I love the lyrics. I can’t say this song is uplifting or fun like most of my music choices tend to be, but I love singing along to this track. It makes me happy.

Another song I wanted to mention briefly, although I only heard it a few days ago, is Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Now, I didn’t think I liked Fall Out Boy but I have two of their songs in my current playlist that I listen to on a daily basis, so maybe I was wrong. This song sounds like an anthem to me, it samples a song called Tom’s Diner released back in 1990 and it’s just used so brilliantly. It’s not my usual kind of music but the minute I heard this track I instantly loved it. Definitely give it a listen.

That’s all for this month. What have you been loving lately?



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3 thoughts on “Mid Month Favourites: September 2014

  1. Congrats on 500 followers!

    And I swear by that Sally Hansen Double Duty top coat. Every time I use another top coat I’m just not as happy with the results.

  2. […] other music favourite was mentioned in my last favourites post, but it’s a different song this time. Sam Smith’s Like I Can. I do not exaggerate […]

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