Shout out to… Doctor Who!

doctor who peter capaldi

As I’m sure you’re all more than aware, a new series of Doctor Who started a few weeks back and I had always planned on doing a little review since it’s a show that I greatly enjoy, however I wanted to hold back until a few episodes had passed and I’m so glad I did because my opinion of the new doctor changed quite dramatically in that time! This is a more or less spoiler free review of the first five episodes of the new series.


While the new Doctor got off to a slow start in my opinion, I am now really beginning to enjoy the new series of Doctor Who. I’m enjoying the new dynamic between Clara and the Doctor and have been pleasantly surprised by many of the choices Peter is making in the role. It’s not the same as before, but if you expected it to be then you were just being unrealistic. That being said, he somehow manages to feel like the same Doctor and I do find myself able to suspend my disbelief and follow the narrative of his journey. As always I’d love to see a weeping angels episode but so far I feel the creativity is a little lacking. I’m really looking for a larger arc to hold on to because I’m not entirely sure if I know exactly what it is just yet. One of my favourite things about the last few series of Doctor Who is the continuation of ideas across episodes that keep you thinking between them (River Song, The Crack in the Wall etc) and this series just seems to be lacking in that area. However I do like the further development into Clara’s story and I hope that continues across the series. That was my overview, here’s what I thought of the first five episodes individually:

doctor who deep breath

Deep Breath

This was the first of the Peter Capaldi appearances as the Doctor and to be honest with you I thought this episode was entirely disappointing. The introduction to the new Doctor wasn’t nearly as fun at the previous two and the plot was a bit all over the place and lacking. Both me and my mum had trouble understanding what he was saying for the first half of the episode and ultimately I was completely underwhelmed. However I think the phone call at the end of the episode (without giving away too much) was clever. Not only did it help Clara come to terms with the new Doctor but I think it will have helped a lot of fans as well who were reluctant towards the idea of an older Doctor.

Into the Dalek

This was much the same for me. Another token Dalek episode without much to back it up. The bulk of the episode takes place in an environment that just feels so unrealistic (and that’s saying a lot considering Doctor Who is built on the unrealistic). I enjoyed the little appearance from Vod off of Fresh Meat, but other than that this was kind of a nothing episode for me. That being said I was beginning to enjoy the story arc that was developing: the Doctor trying decide if he’s a good man. It’s interesting. A little less engrossing than the crack in the wall, but interesting nonetheless.

doctor who into the dalek
doctor who robot of sherwood

Robot of Sherwood

This episode had Mark Gatiss written all over it and it was definitely an improvement on the last two. This felt like the light hearted relief that would usually be sandwiched between two amazingly intense episodes. It was enjoyable to watch and refreshing to see the Doctor get something wrong for a change. While it’s not an episode that will stay with me it doesn’t matter, because it was entertaining and not every episode can be a show stopper.


Thank goodness for this episode. Moffat you are slowly redeeming yourself. Firstly this completely creeped me out whenever I was on my own for the next couple of days after I first watched it. Secondly it just seemed to have some of the old magic of the previous seasons. I thought the mystery and suspense were excellent and the open ended finish to the episode was exactly what it needed, and that’s not something I’m often happy with. I hope this is the start of a good continuation to the series.

doctor who listen
doctor who time heist

Time Heist

I watched this episode a couple of hours ago and my initial reaction was just, YES. This is what Doctor who is all about. This episode was clever and fun and inventive. If you only watch one of these five then watch this one because they just don’t follow on enough for it to matter. The characters are written brilliantly and I was smiling throughout. There was even a jump out of your seat moment where I actually, audibly squeaked. That just doesn’t happen often enough in Doctor Who anymore. Such a brilliant episode, I just don’t want to say too much. Watch it!

Have you been watching Doctor Who? What do you think of the new Doctor?



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6 thoughts on “Shout out to… Doctor Who!

  1. Abbie says:

    Am loving this series of Doctor Who – I too love the development of Clara – am really looking forward to next weeks episode! Plus I think Peter Capaldi is really good, it kind of reminds me of Christopher Eccleston! Great post 😀
    Another Student Blog

  2. Jenny says:

    I have yet to see any of the new season. It is killing me! It took me until about the last 5 episodes of Matt Smith to really take a liking to him, so I’m hoping that with this new Doctor I’ll enjoy him more quickly. I just miss my David Tennant 😦

    • Oh wow that’s bad timing! I completely feel you though, Matt Smith was the ultimate Doctor for me and I just don’t know if I can adjust. I’d love to know what you think of it if you do start watching again! xx

  3. Wow, thanks so much for this review! To be honest, I’ve really been disappointed in Moffatt, but it’s good to know that the show will get better. I’m still on the previous season. :o)

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