September Time Wishlist!

september time wishlist

I realise that my last wishlist post was only back in July, but I have found plenty of things to lust over since then, so I just thought I would share them with you guys! I’d love to know if you have any of these items and what you think of them.


Co-Ordinates Bracelet starting at $204: I think  these bracelets are insanely beautiful and I’ve been lusting over them for a while now. But I recently had an email through about the new Open Air collection and this firmly cemented my adoration. My only trouble is I have no idea what co-ordinates I’d want on the bracelet! I guess it would be cute to have the co-orindates of my parents house, or my university, or maybe even the hospital I was born in. Anyway, I just think these are so pretty and really unique; such an interesting piece of statement jewellery.

Carvela Kurt Geiger Gabby Clutch at £69: I spotted this when I was in Kurt Geiger  the other day and I absolutely fell in love. It’s a suedette finish with a really interesting tribal pattern that you could pair with so many different types of outfits. Unfortunately the last thing I need right now is ANOTHER clutch bag. Shame because this one is beautiful.

The White Company Noir Perfume £30/30ml: There is just something so satisfying about looking around in The White Company stores, everything is so crisp and elegant and beautiful. So when one opened up in my local shopping centre I had to take a look around. Naturally I gravitated towards the fragrances and this one is just divine. It’s completely different to the types of scents I would usually go for because although it does have floral notes it’s very musky and sophisticated. So I’m not entirely certain if it would suit me but I really like it all the same.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer £22: There is so much hype around this concealer that of course I am eager to try it (concealer being my absolute favourite piece of make up). The only two factors stopping me are firstly that I already have so many concealers to get through before I can justify buying another one. Secondly, I swatched the lightest colour on my hand about a week ago and I’m not sure that it isn’t still a little too dark. #PPP Pale people problems.

Work Out LFA Fitness Pants $53: I can’t remember where I first spotted these but I instantly had to know where they came from. I think these are completely fabulous and I would be proud to show up to the gym in them. You can’t get these in the UK at the moment and although LFA ship internationally, it’s not clear what the import costs will be. Still, I love these all the same.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay £18: To be honest, I’m just keen to try anything by First Aid Beauty. I’ve seen so many people talking about this brand recently and I’m not ashamed to admit that I want to jump on the bandwagon. The cleanser and the face mask interest me most and I might have to pick them up sometime soon.

Oasis Tartan Tube Skirt £25: This is another one of those items I saw in store and regretted not trying on (this happens to me too often). This skirt is super affordable and I think it would make a great autumn/winter staple. Yes it’s kind of simple but I think it would be easy to pair and you know, basics are just as important as statement pieces.

Heat Colour Change Mug £4.54: Do I love this mug? Yes. Do I need it? No, absolutely not. I think this idea is so cool and would just make such a cute little homeware purchase.

And that’s all folks, what are you lusting after at the moment?


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6 thoughts on “September Time Wishlist!

  1. Monica says:

    This bracelet is gorgeous! I love it!:)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Jenny says:

    I’ve also been wanting to try the Nars concealer, but have held back because I have so many on hand already… even though I’m not impressed with any that I have. I should just toss them and get the Nars 🙂

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