Super Simple Halloween Costume and Nails: Suggestions and Ideas

halloween ideas

I wanted to show you guys some of my really simple suggestions for Halloween, because to be honest with you while I think I’m creative in terms of ideas I come up with, I really have almost zero artistic skill! I know how frustrating it can be when you see awesome Halloween ideas on the internet but you know you could never recreate them for yourself! So here are some quick suggestions I’ve got for a DIY Halloween.


creepy doll make uphalloween costume

This first Costume idea is what I did for Halloween last year. I’ve put the second picture in there so you can get an idea of the outfit I went with. The outfit was for a bar crawl and to be honest I was too busy having fun to get any good pictures… It was just a simple tartan dress with over the knee white socks, my Dooney & Bourke backpack and pigtails!

The make up was surprisingly easy too! I did an exaggerated beauty make up on one side of the face popping on some fake eyelashes to finish. To lessen the prominance of the eyebrow I used Pritt Stick, applying it to my eyebrow and then using some Face Powder to cover it. I repeated this process until I was happy enough to put the red make up over it. On the broken side of the face I used fake blood that you can get in any supermarket and blended it with my Barry M Dazzledust in dd66 Black (it gives such a pure black colour and of the many things I tried I liked this effect best), popping in a bright blue contact for a finishing touch. Finally I drew on the stitches with black gel eyeliner.

halloween bunnyhalloween bunny

Next up you may have been wondering what on earth I was holding in the images above. That would be my massacred little bunny Mr Snuggleypants, who I picked up for £2 in the baby section of Primark. I have more pictures of him from that night than I do of me… I made everyone I met take a picture with him, they probably thought I was insane. ANYWAY! I cut him open (I know I feel horrible about it!) Coloured his insides with a red sharpie and then hand stitched him back together. Also I take no responsibility for him losing his left eye, when I showed him to my best friend she said he wasn’t horrific enough and so the eye had to go. Anyway it’s always nice to have a prop!

halloween nails

Nail time! Because what inspiration post would be complete with nails! As usual these are crazy simple. Just an orange base (which is orange I promise even though it photographed very red) and then I used black and white nail art pens for the design, although a fine brush or tooth pick works just as effectively!

candy skull make upcandy skull make up

Up last is my take on a Candy Skull Make Up. I was testing this just a couple of days ago for a potential for this Halloween. I think if I was to recreate this again I’d definitely get a better white base, it makes me so sad that it basically blends into the colour of my neck where I didn’t apply any make up! I’d also do some sort of embellishment on the forehead to finish it off.

Anyway this was simple. The white base with blue eyeshadow around the eye, darker blue on the eyelid, silver on the inner corner and black underneath and through the crease. I used gel eyeliner to paint the nose, eye petals and the mouth. I then contoured my cheeks using a black eyeshadow, using the blue eyeshadow from the eyes as you would use a highlighter. Oh and popping on false lashes to finish.

candy skull make upcandy skull make up

So those are my four little Halloween Suggestions and Ideas. Let me know what you thought and what you’re doing this Halloween!



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8 thoughts on “Super Simple Halloween Costume and Nails: Suggestions and Ideas

  1. plus+beauty27 says:

    Looks great! 🙂 xo

  2. Sandra says:

    Such a good post! I honestly love the first look and the nails! I totally understand about seeing something on the internet and then not being able to recreate it!

  3. Toni says:

    Great post! The first look you chosen last year is brilliant and surprisingly works so well with such a cute outfit yet such a scary face! I think that makes it even more scary! Love it!! x

  4. […] My  Halloween Nails featured in my Halloween ideas post, I used a Barry M polish and P.S. Love Beauty nail pens to create this look. […]

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