Shout out to… Clinique!

shout out to clinique

I’ve had very little experience with Clinique as a brand until very recently. However I have for a long time been aware of their skincare prowess and was having a bit of trouble with my own. I popped over to their counter, had a chat with one of their representatives and haven’t looked back since. I just thought I’d share my experience with you and the products I’ve been using in this little shout out post.


I went to the Clinique counter with concerns about redness, evening my skin tone and oil control on my nose. The women behind the counter gave me a quick skin assessment; asking me questions and feeling a few areas on my face. She then introduced me to their three step system, Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturise, which she trialled on my hand. I liked what I saw and what was even better, they sold a 3 Step Introduction Kit for just £20.

clinique starter kit

The kit contains 50ml liquid facial soap, 100ml clarifying lotion and 30ml dramatically different moisturising gel. It comes in 4 different numbers depending on your skin type: 1 is very dry/dry, 2 is dry combination, 3 is combination oily and 4 is oily. My skin type is very much normal, with an oily nose, so number 3 is perfect for me. I have to say that I really enjoyed using all of these products. The woman behind the counter said the kit would last about two weeks and I’d say that was true of the lotion, but the soap and the gel have continued to last, and I really wouldn’t say I’ve been sparing at all!

The Liquid Facial Soap is the least necessary step of the process, particularly if you use a good cleanser to take your make up off anyway. You can’t use this to remove make up and it really is just a lovely, gentle, gel based soap for washing your face with. I really like to use this in the morning when I’ve cleansed my skin the night before and it really doesn’t need anything more rigorous than this.

The Clarifying Lotion is probably my favourite of the three steps. It’s a gentle exfoliator that really helps to smooth and calm my skin. Since I’ve been using it I’ve noticed a clear improvement in evening my skin tone and reduction of redness. I don’t know if it’s solely down to this but since starting the three step programme I haven’t had a single spot (touch wood)  and my skin looks brighter and feels smoother. The only thing I would say about it is that the smell takes some getting used to, it definitely doesn’t smell like something you should be putting on your face! But it doesn’t linger and if that’s the only criticism I can find then it’s doing a good job in my opinion.

Finally the Moisturising Gel has become another staple in my routine. I adore this because of the lightweight gel consistency. Ordinarily my skin does not respond well to rich, creamy moisturisers so I prefer to use serums, but I think this gel formula is a great compromise. It sinks into the skin so beautifully and more to the point it leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Another great thing about it is that you really only need the tiniest amount to cover your face and neck, I always, always squeeze out too much. It’s also a wonderful base for make up.

Why else do I love Clinique? Their customer service makes you feel special and that’s exactly what you want from a premium beauty brand. The assistant booked me in for a follow up appointment to see how I was getting along with the products after two weeks, and a week before that she called me to check in. I don’t know about you, but that’s great service in my book. The appointment was a nice informal chat about how I felt about the products, which led to the assistant recommending and showing me a few others. She then asked if I would like eyes or face make up tips and proceeded to talk about some products and techniques. The assistant wasn’t pushy when it came to making purchases at the close of the appointment, but I already knew what I wanted anyway.

Now before anyone says anything, yes I know, they treat their customers this way to generate business and ultimately to make money. But that’s entirely beside the point. Excellent customer service makes me want to spend more money, makes me more interested and invested in the brand. I honestly think there are a lot of brands that could learn a lot from the Clinique experience.

clarifying lotionpoppin poppy

On my second trip, I picked up the 400ml bottle of the Clarifying Lotion for £26, because I was almost out and I knew I couldn’t be without it, and also a Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturising Colour Balm in Poppin’ Poppy for £17. You might be thinking that the balm looks a crazy colour, but it really isn’t very pigmented and it just adds a touch of vibrancy to your lips while moisturising them. I absolutely love it, it ‘s perfect, everyday, your lips but better kind of product.

clinique gift

Because I’d bought two items (one to be skincare), I also got this gorgeous little gift with purchase. I am actually yet to use any of these products, so I can’t even give you first impressions on them, but I’m sure they’ll pop up in future blog posts if they impress me at all! The gift featured the pretty little make up bag, which I have actually switched in as my everyday make up bag since. It contained 30ml Liquid Facial Soap, 30ml Clarifying Lotion (the shop assistant gave me #4 since I’d already bought a big bottle of #3 and suggested that I use it on my nose), 15ml Moisture Surge Intense, 30ml Take the Day Off Make Up Remover and 5ml All About Eyes. It also came with a miniature Chubby Stick which I have managed to misplace and a really pretty eye and cheek palette, pictured below.

clinique paletteclinique swatches

I think this would make a perfect little travel companion. It features two little brushes, my favourite High Impact Mascara as well as the All About Shadow Duo in Like Mink and the Blushing Blush Powder Blush in Pink Love. These would really be all the colours you’d need for a simple daytime look and I’m excited to try them out. Swatching them, they feel creamy with good pigmentation although there is an awful lot of shimmer in the blush (which is good or bad dependant on your personal taste). The champagne colour shadow  hasn’t translated well in this photograph but it’s a really nice neutral shade for all over the lid.

To wrap this rather long, rambly post up… I’ve been really happy with my Clinique experience. I’ve found some great products that I love using, and I dare say I’ll find more before too long. Between their products and their customer service, I think they’ve got a really winning formula!

What’s your experience been with Clinique? What products do you use? I’d love to hear your recommendations.


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15 thoughts on “Shout out to… Clinique!

  1. beverbeee says:

    i got the starter kit and chubby sticks and the gift in the bag too. it’s amazing!! 🙂

    Bev xx

  2. Absolutely love that skin care set! The dramatically different moisturizer is my all time favorite! They also have the best free gifts- so generous. Great post!

  3. Erin Stewart says:

    I got this kit and it really didn’t work for me which is such a shame! Great that it’s working for you though and I’m totally lusting after the chubby stick!

  4. I really didn’t get on with the 3 step system – I was super disappointed too because i was hoping it would solve all of my problems, and using a brand like Clinique always feels a bit special! Lovely post though and pleased to see you get on well with it 🙂

    Annie x

  5. Pips says:

    I actually have really dry and redness in my skin and I was wondering what I could buy because I don’t want to spend a fortune on something that won’t work. Would you recommend these then? 🙂

    Pips xxx

    • I really don’t suffer with dryness so I’m definitely not in the best position to advise you, but they do the dry forumla so I reckon it’d definitely be worth popping to a Clinique counter and having a chat with one of the assistants. They’re so incredibly helpful. xx

  6. Mire says:

    I love Clinique! They’re perfect for sensitive skin girls like me! I haven’t tried any of these products but I’ve tried others and they work perfectly! The 20 pounds price is so reasonable I might have to get myself to the counter hahah


    • I completely agree. I think it’s a really nice idea to offer starter kits like this, they save you from forking out for a full size product only to get it home and decide that it’s not for you! xx

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