Harry Potter Studio Tour with the Parentals!

scarlet forrest

Last month I took my mumma to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour as a belated Mother’s Day Treat. I’ve already been so I didn’t end up taking too many photos, but these are the ones that I did (there are lots of mumma… she had a smashing day!) Also it’s mummy’s birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMA! xx


hogwarts crest

potions classroom

dumbledore's office

umbridge's office

It was raining when we went outside and they were handing out free waterproofs. Oh dear…

They had a special flight and feathers feature which meant some of the owls from the movies were there. We got to meet Elmo, one of the owls who played Hedwig.

hedwig selfiehedwig selfie

Mum was happy to meet Dobby, until we noticed he was dead…


More live owls, these ones were so sassy!

harry potter owls

We walked to the end of diagon alley once and mum says “let’s go back and do it again” so we walked all the way back and walked through the whole alley again. She’s such a kid and I love it!

diagon alleydiagon alley

weasley's wizarding wheezeshogwarts castle

The castle is undoubtedly the most magical moment of the entire day.

hogwarts castlehogwarts castle

I had such a wonderful day out with my parents and I know that Mum really, really enjoyed herself, which is the main thing. I’d recommend the tour to anyone who is interested in Harry Potter, of all ages. There’s little gadgets for the kids and plenty of detailed technical information for the dads. Such a brilliant day and worth every penny.



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2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Studio Tour with the Parentals!

  1. Emily May says:

    This is so amazing I neeeeed to go! It’s just so far away 😦
    Happy birthday to your mum! xxxx


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