Looking for the perfect Summer Ball Dress!

summer ball dress

I don’t know about you guys, but my summer ball is approaching and I’m already on the hunt for the perfect dress! I couldn’t resist having a cheeky online shop and seeing what the high stores had to offer… I think I came up with some crackers but I’d love to hear about anything else you’re loving. Offerings from Topshop, Zara, Oasis and French Connection. Here we go…


topshop prom dress

Here are the offerings from Topshop (left to right):

1. Laser Cut Bodycon Dress £36 : I think this is probably my favourite of the four topshop offerings and hooray, it’s the least expensive. Last year I tried to avoid the traditional LBD but I’m thinking it might be the right option for my final year. I love the cut outs on this dress, I think they’re so pretty and elegant, this is definitely a good option for a slightly less formal evening.
2. Oyster Pink Metallic Split Maxi Dress £49 : This dress is so beautiful and elegant, while someone with a curly figure like mine would never get away with it, so many slimmer girls would. Such a gorgeous colour and cut for a really well priced dress.
3. Sweetheart Bustier Maxi Dress £69 : I actually own a dress like this with a pink skirt and I absolutely adore it. The cut is super flattering coming it at the waist and the design on this particular busier is absolutely darling. So pretty!
4. Poppy Rose Bud Dress £65 : I absolutely adore this dress even though I could never wear it myself. This would look absolutely darling on a more petite, shorter girl (think Kristen Chenoweth). I love the design and the colours and  while it may be a little polarising, I know this would attract a lot of great compliments at any summer ball.

zara prom dress
zara prom dress

Up next is Zara (left to right, top to bottom):

5. Open Back Dress with Metal Collar £39.99 : I think this dress is so simple and beautiful, the perfect LBD. If you’re the sort of person who can get away with backless then this is an absolute must.  The cut is to die for and it’s a great price too.
6. Dress with Embellished Neckline £35.99 : This is another really delicate, simple but pretty dress. The neckline is so lovely and the colour is just adorable. This dress would be great with a big pair of heels for small girls without much natural definition in their waist. Plus it has pockets! Too cute!
7. Open Back Dress £45.99 : This may seem a little casual for a ball BUT hear me out! The back of this dress is absolutely stunning and with the right bag, shoes and statement necklace this would be an outfit to rival all others. I honestly think I’ll be going for a block colour when I pick my dress and really going for it with the accessories, with so many gorgeous necklaces out at the moment there’s really no excuse.
8. Printed Dress £45.99 : This is another darling, easy to wear dress. I particularly like the added detail of the mesh flowers on the shoulders and I just think the print is so lovely.

oasis prom dress

Thirdly are two dresses I would never usually go for from Oasis (left to right):

9. Emma A-Line Jacquard Dress £65 : The colour, the colour, the colour. I can’t get enough of this dress. It’s so simple yet incredibly beautiful. The colour is stunning and the high neckline is something pretty delicate and unique. This dress looks different and yet equally as great up close as it does far away. So beautiful.
10. Victoria Lace Midi Dress £85 : I like how unique this dress is and how it can flatter a different body shape to my own. It cuts a little lower than I would personally prefer but this can be really flattering for girls with smaller hips. The contrasting colours are so pretty and the lace is a lovely detail. Such a nice dress.

french connection prom dress

Last but by no means least is French Connection (left to right):

11. Summer Liana Lace Dress £140 : All three of these dresses make me so excited I have no words. This one is just darling. The pastel colours and the delicate lace pattern with the cool smooth skirt. This is perfect for summer and I just adore it.
12. Spectaular Sparkle Maxi Dress £180 : This dress would be great for going all out! It’s beautiful and will be sure to turn heads. Silver and black contrasting sequins this dress looks expensive. Such a bold dress, but why not, it’s your summer ball!
13. Encrusted Lace Dress £185 : While arguably a little short for a ball I could not exclude this dress from my list. The colour, neckline and gorgeous lace detailing are beyond beautiful and make for a show stopping outfit. Might be my favourite of the lot.

Let me know if  you like my finds and if you’ve found any dresses you love.



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2 thoughts on “Looking for the perfect Summer Ball Dress!

  1. Asos have some lovely ball dresses in ATM! Chloe and I are going to a ball next month and will be posting about our dresses this week, do take a look if you can! Love Annie x

    • Oh I absolutely will! I love ASOS but I’ve recently found that there is just so much to trawl through on the site and I’ve begun lacking motivation for that. I know it’s a shame because ASOS turns up some real gems. Can’t wait to see what you find. xx

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