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I’ve picked up a few bargains from and ebay quite recently and I just  thought I’d share them with you!




Two out of three of these items I mentioned in my Birthday Wishlist back in April but I was really cheeky and bought them for myself almost immediately after that post had gone live. I spotted them on and I just couldn’t resist. I don’t want to repeat all the things I said about them on my previous post but I’ll give you a really quick overview. For more information make sure you check out my Birthday Wishlist post.

Orofluido Beauty Elixir Hair Oil £12.15/100ml: Such a bargain, I adore this stuff. I rub it through my hair while wet but after combing and it just makes all the difference. It looks and feels healthier, shinier and eradicates all signs of dryness that comes from bleaching it so often. I love this treatment, it’s also great  to tame flyaways when my hair is dry. My favourite hair product by far.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Skin Protectant Cream £6.95/30ml: I cannot believe how cheap this is on, I’ve wanted to try this product for so long and after seeing this I had no excuse. I’ve been using it for a while now and I absolutely adore it. I will never know how my lips survived without it and I don’t even hate the smell as much as I used to. It’s moisturising and repairing but it doesn’t feel like it’s stripping away layers of my skin like so many balms do. I cannot get enough of this product, such a good buy!

Witch Blemish Pen £2.55/8ml: This was a complete impulse buy. I had so much work to hand in at uni that I was getting spots from stress, poor diet and lack of water and I was looking for a quick fix. I didn’t even read any reviews, I thought £3, can’t go wrong. I am so, so, so glad I bought this. Most spot treatments dry up my spots and while they don’t come out completely they’ll sit under the skin and leave horrible dark marks for a good couple of weeks. It’s so irritating. But this pen doesn’t! It’s gel formula is easy to apply and although it’s a bit tingly when you first put it on you forget its there almost immediately, no sitting with bright white spot cream on your face! It smells great and it does the job! My spot vanished so much quicker than with any other product and now my skin is back on form. I couldn’t be any happier with this! BUT I have a horrible feeling that this has been discontinued and I am absolutely distraught. I’ve just looked for this on allbeauty and on Witch’s own website and I haven’t been able to find it (it seems they’ve replaced it with their blemish gel, which is honestly probably the same formula since the consistency of the pen is incredibly gel like–link in title).


All three of these items are from one seller on Ebay: Topdenverstore — this seller has so many super cheap items that are really great with completely unbelievable price tags. I’m so chuffed with all these purchases.

world map watchworld map watch

World Map Watch £1.30: That’s right, this watch cost me one pound and thirty pence, with NO post and packaging charge. I have no idea how this is a thing, but it is. And to be honest, I absolutely adore it. Although I’ve been mostly stuck inside doing work since I bought it, I’ve taken it out a handful of times and I really enjoy wearing it. It’s had compliments from a few people so that’s always a good sign, it’s delicate, pretty and interesting. The only thing I hate about it is that the watch face is gold in colour but the buckle at the back is coloured silver. Ultimately no one is going to notice that but me and it did cost me less than £2 but I just thought I’d mention that in case you were interested in getting one for yourself.

phone pursephone purse

IPhone 5 Purse £3.08: Again this incurred no p&p charges, such a bargain. I’m always looking for ways to integrate my phone and my cards/money and this seemed like a neat solution. I love the design and I’m really happy with the way this product has performed considering the price point. However you can tell it is a cheap product and while that doesn’t bother me for the most part, I would definitely be interested in paying more for a similar product of a better quality, but I just haven’t found one that I like enough yet.

statement flower necklacescarlet forrest

Statement Flower Necklace £2.04: This is my final purchase of the haul and it’s this really pretty statement necklace, an absolute steal at this price. The pastel colours are so lovely and perfect for spring/summer. I wore this out to dinner on my birthday and it felt great it in. Such a good buy, zero complaints.

Let me know what you think of my bargains and if you’ve spotted any of your own recently!



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8 thoughts on “Bargain Haul: and Ebay

  1. Love, and I’ve always wanted to try out that Elizabeth Arden cream so will definitely have a look! x

  2. beautybnk says:

    I’ve been considering getting one of those iPhone ‘purses’ after falling in love with the Michael Kors one… I just can’t justify over £100 on the MK one! Xo

  3. love the watch!! you could always get the strap changed, and get one with a gold buckle? I am totally the same with silver and gold not matching!!

    Love Annie x

    • Thanks lovely. I absolutely could, that’s a good idea and I’ll definitely consider it if it starts to become a staple. I’m really loving wearing it at the moment so who knows. xx

  4. Amazing post! I love the watch and at that price gold and silver together is not a problem for me! 🙂

    Love Priya


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