Small Primark Haul: Tops and Jewellery

primark haul

Here are a few bits and pieces I picked up from Primark when I was in town the other day. I can’t resist a good bargain and I was really happy with my little haul. Enjoy!


pug pantsprimark floral crop

Firstly I picked up two pairs of girls boxers for £1.70 each. I spotted them and I just had to pick them up, they’re adorable! The first pair is covered in pugs and the second is a mix of cats and dogs. I love Primark boxers ’cause they’re cheap, super comfortable and great for lazy days around the house.

Next is this vibrant floral button up cropped shirt with a little tie at the bottom. I saw this and I loved it immediately. They did have another one that I really liked with a slightly more muted pattern but they didn’t have it in my size (otherwise I’d have probably bought them both!).  This cost me just £5 and I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it. My wardrobe is seriously lacking colour at the moment and this is really going to help jazz it up. (Oh and in case you were wondering I paired the top with a green tube skirt for the purpose of this photo, it is actually cropped).

primark bracelet
midi ringsmidi rings

Next up are my jewellery pieces. I picked up this three piece bangle set for £2 and while I probably won’t wear all three of them together I do think they make a nice set. They were the only ones left else I would have definitely picked up another set to wear as cuffs. I’m really into matching bracelets at the moment.

I’ve been loving the midi rings trend that seems to be going around this spring/summer and when I saw these two sets in Primark for just £1.50 each, I could not resist. Again I don’t think I’ll wear all of these rings together, in fact I probably won’t wear the jewel encrusted ones at all, but I’ll certainly get good wear out of these. So pretty and great for summer!

hogwarts tshirtpink primark tee

The last two little things are just a couple of t-shirts. There’s the Hogwarts t-shirt for £6, which I had to pick up in a size larger  than I’d have liked because the store I went to only had three left! I wanted to pick one up for my mum as well, but I guess I’ll have to cross my fingers and check back soon. I actually went in the store with the sole intention of buying this, I’d seen it on Chloe’s blog post over here and just had to pick it up. The other top is just a plain pink t-shirt for £4. I picked this again for the colour and cause I really liked the cute little roll up sleeves.

Hope you like my little haul!



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13 thoughts on “Small Primark Haul: Tops and Jewellery

  1. yes! I got that hogwarts t-shirt too! 😀

  2. Ohhh some good purchases! Love the midi rings 🙂

  3. sonalm94 says:

    Love those bracelets/cuffs!♥

  4. Stevie says:

    ive been after that Hogwarts t-shirt for ages!!!


  5. Ha I love the Hogwart top ! In France we don’t have Primark shops but I really like what you got there ! xx

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