365 Picture Challenge : July

These are my pictures for July in my 365 photo challenge!

182-JULY 1ST: Trying out some new things


183-JULY 2ND: Loving this colour on my toes

barry m gelly

184-JULY 3RD: Driving and waiting selfie


185-JULY 4TH: Adorable card from the parentals

graduation card

186-JULY 5TH: Another shopping selfie

scarlet forrest

187-JULY 6TH: Every day is a lazy hair day

lazy hair

188-JULY 7TH: Gorgeous lunch with my lovely godmother

yummy lunch

189-JULY 8TH: Nails Time

barry m gelly

190-JULY 9TH: Getting my hair done


191-JULY 10TH: Bit of Kate Nash picking up Mumma from work

kate nash

192-JULY 11TH: My hero


193-JULY 12TH: Got my eyebrows done today


194-JULY 13TH: This picture makes me laugh ’cause you can so obviously see my arms in my glasses for another selfie

sunglass selfie

195-JULY 14TH: Feeling Spendy

feeling spendy

196-JULY 15TH: Pre-Graduation Meal


197-JULY 16TH: Graduation!

scarlet forrest

198-JULY 17TH: Family Favourite

bangers n mash

199-JULY 18TH: Back in Leicester


200-JULY 19TH: My girls

131 howard road ladies

201-JULY 20TH: So excited for my new cake book, courtesy of the godmother

party cakes

202-JULY 21ST: Love having a nose in other peoples things

make up

203-JULY 22ND: Just want to sleep all day!


204-JULY 23RD: Excited with my new purchases

wilk haul

205-JULY 24TH: Yes I drink my grapefruit juice out of a stella artois glass, and what?

messy desk

206-JULY 25TH: Really enjoying this book, favourite quote:


207-JULY 26TH: Lovely lunch with the mumma

cafe rouge

208-JULY 27TH: It’s nice to sit in a pretty garden for a while

pretty garden

209-JULY 28TH: Having a ‘mare tidying

messy room

210-JULY 29TH: We know how to have fun in the Home Counties

goat agility

211-JULY 30TH: Look at these beautiful brown eyes

scottie dog

212-JULY 31ST: It’s kimono time

kimono time

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