Shout out to… Zara Necklaces!

zara necklaces

I have to confess that Zara has been one of my favourite clothing stores for a very long time but if there is one thing they are getting bang on the money right now it’s their necklaces! I hate to say it but they are the bomb dot com, if you don’t believe me then why don’t you  take a look for yourself?!


These are just my top five picks of Zara necklaces at the moment but they are honestly all so beautiful that is was very difficult to choose! In no particular order:

zara necklace This is the sea toned Rhinestone Necklace is available for £29.99. I love the contrasting colours in this necklace and I think the vibrant blues and oranges are really nicely complimented by the subtly of the silver and greens. This is a super statement necklace and although it may appear pricey, I really think these are worth the money!
This White Crystals Necklace is also available for £29.99. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up incredibly well in this image but it really does look super in person and on the site. Because of the colour I think you’d be able to pair this item with any number of things and it’s a perfect summer statement necklace that you’d get plenty of wear out of. zara necklace
zara necklace My third pick, the Jewels Necklace, a little cheaper at £19.99, is great if you’re looking for something that’s still very pretty but a little more subtle. This layered effect is very popular at the moment and Zara have done all the hard work for you. Such a pretty piece.
Next up is the Wooden Beads Necklace for £29.99. I think this necklace is so unique, intricate and beautiful. I really haven’t seen anything like it and in this case that is definitely a good thing. While it may bit a little tricky to pair I think this would see you through spring, summer and autumn. Such an interesting statement piece that’s sure to draw loads of compliments. zara necklace
zara necklace Last but definitely not least is another Rhinestone Necklace again for £29.99 and when I saw this one in store I thought it was so gorgeous that I just had to have it. It was a graduation present to myself and I wore it proudly on my actual graduation day. It is my absolute favourite statement piece and I wear it whenever I can. The neutral blue/green tones are so easy to pair and I honestly feel like I haven’t spent a better 30 pounds in a very long time!

zara necklace

Hope you enjoyed my shout out post, let me know which statement pieces you’re loving at the moment!



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6 thoughts on “Shout out to… Zara Necklaces!

  1. clurrrrr says:

    I’ve nominated you for the lovely blog award!
    Check it out here

  2. These are all gorgeous! I always have such mixed feelings with necklaces as I wear the same one everyday so I find it hard to put others on over the top but I think some of these big ones would cover the smaller one up! X

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