Mid Month Favourites: August 2014

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Now I don’t know about you guys but at the beginning/end of the month my blog feed is always clogged up with monthly favourite posts (which I enjoy reading, but I hate that they all come at the same time and get a bit repetitive). So I’ve decided I’m going to do mid-monthly favourites. Now I’m not trying to claim this as some new kind of innovation but I just thought I’d let you guys know my reasoning behind the change! So here are my August mid month favourites; beauty, fashion, tv and other!



august favouritesfan


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint in GNP 17 Blue Grape: I’ve been wearing this colour on my toes for weeks at a time. It’s so summery and vibrant and it really pops in my favourite grey Zara sandals (which I’ve broken D:). I can wear it for a solid week without any chips, to be honest the only reason I take it off is due to nail growth. At £3.99 this is such a steal and I’m really loving it right now.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in 005 Nude: I bought this because of the hype, let’s not lie to ourselves. I wanted to try the nude eyeliner, make your eyes look bigger look. I was sceptical… but I really like this product. Firstly it stays on really well, maybe not as well as the urban decay liners but it’s not bad for £3.99. Secondly I genuinely think it makes my eyes look bigger and brighter. I’ve even had comments to that effect from a friend so I’m very pleased with this one.

Nivea Lip Butter: I am always, always, always looking for new solutions to my dry lips problem. Previous to using the nivea lip butters I had been loving the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, but it just wasn’t practical to throw in my pocket or my handbag. I really like these butters, I’ve got three of the flavours: Original, Raspberry Rose and Vanilla & Macadamia. Original is definitely my favourite, I’m not a big fan of heavily scented lip products and the other two are just a bit much for me. This is a nice creamy butter that softens and rejuvenates my lips, plus it’s a great base for lipstick. Been loving this recently, and just £2.50.

Elf Cream Blush in Heart Breaker: I actually won this blush in a giveaway run by the very lovely Hannah on her blog,  ADayInTheLifeOfANorthernGirl and I’m so very glad that I did. Sadly the packaging broke in transit but that takes nothing away from the product. My first cream blush experience… Well sort of, I have the Sleek Pink Lemonade Blush by 3 palette and I tried the cream blush in it (Macaroon) once and promptly ran away. This blush is £6.50 for an absolutely huge pot that I’ll never get through. It applies so easily and it gives a really beautiful natural flushed finish. This has been my go to blush since I got it!

Clinque High Impact Mascara in 01 Black: Like so many other beauty enthusiasts, I picked up my sample of this mascara in the last issue of Glamour, I was holding out for a chubby stick but couldn’t find any anywhere so I settled for this. And I’m so glad I did! To be honest I’ve never understood why anyone would pay more than £12 for a mascara. There are good ones and there are bad ones, but even the good ones aren’t worth it- they’ll be dried out before you know it (coughYSLcough). Now I’m ready to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong, this mascara is exquisite. It holds a curl brilliantly, it makes my eyes look bigger but it’s still natural. It lasts ALL DAY and it even looks beautiful on my bottom eyelashes. I have never been more impressed by a mascara. Good job Clinque. At £17.50 I reckon I’ll be purchasing this beauty when my sample runs out.


My recent favourites would be incomplete without this bad boy, My Fan! This has literally been a lifesaver in this hot weather. There’s something about our house that means all the heat collects in my room apparently. In any case my little fan has got me  through the hot weather and I’m very grateful to it! My other random favourite this month is Apple Burst Tic TacsThey’re probably super bad for me but I just love having these in my handbag. The light ones are sweet and the dark ones are sour and they’re just a tasty treat for when I’m on the go!




I’ve watched both series of this over the course of the last month or two (oh the joys of being an unemployed graduate). Anyway, I was very sceptical at first and it took me a while to get into it but I’ve really enjoyed this programme (once I got over the disappointment that it wasn’t about Robin Hood). It’s kind of silly and ridiculous and literally anything can happen, the twists and turns are a bit crazy and it’s completely unbelievable BUT I came to really enjoy that about it. It has flashback scenes which were a really cool addition and always had me asking questions and wanting more (clever that is). Plus it’s got some amazing wigs, lots of butt kicking and plenty of beautiful men. What’s not to like? Great light-hearted show if you’re willing to not take it too seriously.

anxiouslyboldhair clip


I have five main fashion favourites and they are my Zara Rhinestone Necklace £29.99, which I talked about at length in my Zara Necklaces post. I’ve been wearing this at every opportunity… all my other necklaces have been thoroughly neglected for weeks now, oops! The second favourite  is not exactly what I’d call “fashionable” but I love it anyway. It’s my hair clip! I picked this up in a pack at primark for about a pound. Anyway it’s been my saviour from the heat because there’s nothing worse than hair all up in your face when you’re clammy and gross. Love this thing, it holds my hair without giving me a headache (like hair bands do).


Number three on my fashion favourites is my £24.99 Nude Fringed Kimono from TK Maxx. I adore this because it literally goes with everything. It’s light weight but it’s nice for days when I want a bit of a cover up if I’m just wearing a summery dress or something. I love the patterns in the back and this has just been my go to item to pair up with all the things I’ve been wearing recently. I’ve also been loving Midi Rings recently, I’ve bought far too many (most recent purchases in upcoming haul!) but I just think they’re so delicate and pretty. Final fashion favourite is my Blonde & Blonde Acid Wash Swing DressThis cost me £18 and I literally wear it all the time. It’s a super casual, throw it on dress but it just looks so stylish and makes a statement with that really pretty washed out orange colour. I’m tempted to pick it up in white as well.

And that’s all folks!



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6 thoughts on “Mid Month Favourites: August 2014

  1. Great idea, hun. The BF used to watch Arrow but we kind of don’t anymore. What’s the latest? Lol.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love the necklace/dress/kimono!! All gorgeous!! X

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