365 Picture Challenge : August

august 2014

These are my pictures for August in my 365 photo challenge!

213-AUGUST 1ST: My necklace obsession


214-AUGUST 2ND: Ciate Caviar Manicure

ciate caviar multi colour

215-AUGUST 3RD: Having some candle time

candle time

216-AUGUST 4TH: Cheeky post gym treat-Face Off and Carte D’or nom

ice cream and tv

217-AUGUST 5TH: Strawberry Nails

strawberry nails

218-AUGUST 6TH: Poser


219-AUGUST 7TH: Giveaway things that came in the post

giveaway win

220-AUGUST 8TH: Swimming!

swimming costume

221-AUGUST 9TH: Cheeky saturday afternoon nap


222-AUGUST 10TH: Today is a Barbie socks day

barbie socks

223-AUGUST 11TH: Teacup Cupcakes


224-AUGUST 12TH: Yummy Mexican with the fam

mexican food

225-AUGUST 13TH: So sad leaving this beauty behind

river island patchwork jacket

226-AUGUST 14TH: Super happy with yesterdays purchases

carvela kurt geiger

227-AUGUST 15TH: Get your ombre nails out

ombre nails

228-AUGUST 16TH: Bubblebath time

lush bathtime pamper

229-AUGUST 17TH: My new favourite treat

jordans frusli

230-AUGUST 18TH: Organising my blog posts in this notebook I forgot I had!

personalised notebook

231-AUGUST 19TH: Another new Zara necklace courtesy of the godmother

zara necklace

232-AUGUST 20TH: This is the only picture I took today

weird picture

233-AUGUST 21ST: Interview on a farm


234-AUGUST 22ND: Always this


235-AUGUST 23RD: fotd asda george


236-AUGUST 24TH: Cupcake nails!

cupcake nails

237-AUGUST 25TH: Lifesaver

dry shampoo

238-AUGUST 26TH: Found this keyring I didn’t know I had!

mickey mouse keyring

239-AUGUST 27TH: I took a stupid number of “tired selfies” this month

tired selfie

240-AUGUST 28TH: Forever cleaning brushes

brush cleaning

241-AUGUST 29TH: Reppin’ my UOL jumper today

uol jumper selfie

242-AUGUST 30TH: Bubbly bubbly bath

lush bubble bath

243-AUGUST 31ST: Some days I want to do my make up in bed, okay?

bedroom make up

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