Full Face with Top Three Real Techniques Brushes

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I have been a huge fan of real techniques brushes since I started getting into make up. They’re inexpensive but high quality and they wash really easily. Often times I can be found doing my make up in the passenger seat of a car (I hope I’m not the only one who does this!) which usually means I can only grab a handful of products and some brushes. These are my top three, couldn’t go without real techniques brushes and why.



expert face brush First up is foundation. My all time favourite foundation brush is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush (£6-12). I dip this into my foundation, which I’ll have placed onto the back of my hand, and start with the areas on my face that I like the most coverage (for me that’s the cheeks and the chin). Using small circular motions I’ll work the foundation into my skin until the area is completely covered. This will give a really even, natural finish with good coverage (depending on the foundation used). It seems like a lot of people have issues with washing this brush and I’ll admit it does take a wee bit of scrubbing, but I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and the bristles still come up white and soft when I give it a thorough clean. Love this brush, could not recommend more.
The Real Techniques Blush Brush is a go to for all my cheek needs. I don’t apply a contour on a regular basis so this is a really great multitasking brush for me and it would be great if you were applying bronze around the face. I, myself, use the flat side of the brush for getting a dedicated highlight to the top of my cheekbones and then swirl the head of the brush around my blusher, giving my cheeks a rosy glow. You can also use this brush to powder if you’re really in a pinch, but when I’m on the go I usually skip that step and go straight to a setting spray. blush brush
real techniques starter set I don’t ever hear anyone talking about the base shadow brush and I feel as though that’s probably because it comes in a set which is, admittedly, very annoying. The Real Techniques Starter Set comes with five brushes (£10-20) which is good value when you consider that’s £2-4 per brush. The other brushes are great quality and while I don’t use them as frequently, they are still a well loved part of my collection. The base shadow brush however, is something else entirely. I reach for this over all of my other eyeshadow brushes. It picks up and distributes pigment beautifully, it’s the right shape to fit into your crease and soft enough that it will blend any shadow to perfection. It is my ultimate, on the go, do it all eyeshadow brush and is worth the value of the entire starter set.

It’s probably good to note that you can get a lot of these brushes on offer at various times throughout the year. They’re frequently reduced on amazon or on 3 for 2 or buy one get one half price offers in boots. So keep an eye out for that! Hope you’re all well, just a short one from me this time. What are your top three brushes?

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8 thoughts on “Full Face with Top Three Real Techniques Brushes

  1. kaiesha stewart says:

    I have been eyeing up the eye brush set for months now but just haven’t purchased it! I have heard so many great things about the brushes and they look amazing (as Real Technique brushes are) but just haven’t made the move! This post has reminded me about them and … it’s pay day next week so I’m putting these at the top of my list!

  2. Alio says:

    Love real technique brushes! Great post! X

  3. I love real techniques brushes! great post 🙂


  4. I loveeeeeee real technique brushes; I also do my makeup in the car A LOT and the expert face brush is my FAVE!!! Great post !!

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