6th March Mothers Day Gift Ideas

mother day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is fast approaching here in the UK and I just want to put out some of my favourite gift ideas to celebrate all the wonderful mums out there. Of course, cards and flowers/chocolates are a lovely gift that any mummy will enjoy, but I’m just giving my thoughts in case you wanted to get something a little extra special.



clarins gift For me the obvious mothers day present is skincare related. I almost always by my mum skincare whether it be mothers day, Christmas or her birthday. Of course if you know what her favourite is then go with that, but if you’re a bit unsure what your mum might like then my suggestion is the Clarins Anti-Ageing Youth Boosters Gift Set (£69). The set comes with a cute wash bag, double serum (50ml), beauty flash balm (15ml) and gentle refiner exfoliating cream (15ml). Clarins is probably my mums favourite beauty brand and she loves the double serum (which incidentally covers the value of the entire set). This is the perfect gift for a mum who loves her skincare.
If you’re looking for a more affordable skincare gift for mothers day then look no further than the Liz Earle Daily Radiance Duo (£23). This set includes the cleanse and polish (100ml), two muslin cloths, as well as the eyebright soothing eye lotion (150ml). The cleanse and polish is an absolutely beautiful hot cloth cleanser and with 250ml worth of product in total, I think this thoughtful little set is an absolute steal. liz earle gift
hurricane lantern If your mum is the sort of woman who loves entertaining in her garden in the summer, I think these Hurricane Lanterns from notonthehighstreet (£15-30) would be a really thoughtful gift. They’re simple and chic and would fit in with any outdoor furniture already present. Just grab a candle and you’re ready to go. I like that these are the sort of gift that some women would love but wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy for themselves. On the whole I think those are my favourite kind of gifts.
For the mum who already has everything and likes to keep warm in the winter, why not plump for Cashmere Bed Socks from The White Company (£28). Before you say anything, yes I know that thirty pounds for a pair of socks is a bit ridiculous. But they are cashmere. These are a completely unnecessary, luxury product truly for the woman who has everything. But they are beautifully soft. cashmere socks
oliver bonas scarf Oliver Bonas has fast become one of my absolute favourite shops, especially for gifts, and I think this lovely Ombre Scarf (£24) would make an absolutely darling mothers day present. It’s such a flattering shade of blue that could be worn with a range of different outfits and I honestly think would suit any woman of any age. If you’re not sure about the colour, Oliver Bonas have a vast choice of scarves in their range, there really is something for every mum.
If your mummy is a candle lover, then they don’t come much better than the Diptyque candles (from £20). There are a number of gorgeous scents depending on personal preference. I recently received the Roses candle as a gift and I can tell you it’s absolutely beautiful. I’m also a huge fan of the Eucalyptus and Geranium scents. I think candles, as a rule, are a really lovely gift and these are honestly some of the very best. diptyque baies

I didn’t mention a perfume, because while I think perfume is a lovely mothers day present, it’s always going to be a very personal thing. I’d always say don’t buy someone a perfume unless you’re relatively sure they’re going to like it! These are just my suggestions, of course there are so many different types of Mums who would love all sorts of different gifts. Let me know if you have any other ideas for mothers day presents or thoughts about the suggestions I’ve made! Have a lovely weekend!

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3 thoughts on “6th March Mothers Day Gift Ideas

  1. Godmother says:

    What do you do for Godmother’s Day xxxxx

  2. I agree on not buying perfumes for someone else. When I buy perfume for somebody, it’s always something that I know they are already wearing. :o) Here in the States, Mother’s Day isn’t until May, so I still have some time. I like the bed socks idea! I think I’ll get a couple pairs for my mom. :o)

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