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Empties: Love, Like or Loathe


This is my first ever empties post on the blog and it’s really only a smallish one. Since I’ve never done one before I haven’t really been saving up many of my empty products to show you, but I came across a few all at once and decided to give it a go. If it’s a success I might have to start storing things up for these posts!

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A Wee Wilko Haul! (And a moan)

wilko haul

For those of you don’t know, Wilkinson in a low end, affordable department store we have in the UK. That means that it sells toiletries and cleaners but also does D.I.Y, pets and some really lovely home and kitchen items. It’s known for being cheap and cheerful and to be honest I probably wouldn’t even think to shop there had to not worked there for three years. Anyway, they’ve revamped their whole make up section so I went in to take a look and picked up a few bits and pieces I thought I’d share with you all.

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