365 Picture Challenge : May

These are my pictures for May in my 365 photo challenge!

121-MAY 1ST: Dissertation is the only thing in my life right now


122-MAY 2ND: Birthday Meal with my Boy

scarlet forrest

123-MAY 3RD: Mostly money but lots of lovely presents too!

birthday presents

124-MAY 4TH: Nemo’s first selfie

nemo selfie

125-MAY 5TH: My hayfever saviour

cute tissues

126- MAY 6TH: Handed in my dissertation


127-MAY 7TH: Bit late but the lovely cake my girlies decorated

personalised birthday cake

128-MAY 8TH: Have I mentioned how much I love my old lady slippers?

granny slippers

129-MAY 9TH: My friend Tom made me this keyring with the 3D printer he built, so cool!

personalised keyring

130-MAY 10TH: Love my new duvet set so much!

cute wilkinson duvet set

131-MAY 11TH: Found this cheek madame lounging on my bed and clothes

cheeky kitty cat

132-MAY 12TH: So happy with my Vinted purchase

coral platform heels

133-MAY 13TH: Late birthday present but so excited!

naked 2 palette

134-MAY 14TH: Love the colour of my Barry M Gelly Polish in Huckleberry

barry m huckleberry

135-MAY 15TH: The best feeling of wearing new make-up


136-MAY 16TH: Handed it my last ever essay!


137-MAY 17TH: Nice organised bedside table

bedside table

138-MAY 18TH: Yummy Breakfast

banana and yoghurt

139-MAY 19TH: Rediscovering old favourites

emerald topshop ring

140-MAY 20TH: Finished my degree today… last exam!


141-MAY 21ST: Exams are over, time to read…? For fun!


142-MAY 22ND: OOTD


143-MAY 23RD: Face mask time

lush face mask

144-MAY 24TH: So in love with this Mini Marshmallows polish by Tanya Burr

mini marshmallows tanya burr

145-MAY 25TH: Too much dins

pasta noms

146-MAY 26TH: Love my new midi rings

primark midi rings

147-MAY 27TH: Reppin’ for Ravenclaw

ravenclaw tee

148-MAY 28TH: Hair experiments in the early hours

loose fishtail braid

149-MAY 29TH: Vanilla cupcakes for Lili’s Birthday

pink vanilla cupcakes

150-MAY 30TH: Finished the triology in under ten days!

mazerunner triology

151-MAY 31ST: Amazed by the quality of Primark make-up

scarlet forrest

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